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1. Badgirl,

Hello Guys. I had an idea to organize a New Year party for players of playroom, but we discovered that prices of tickets are so high that hardly who could efford. This is why I thought it could be better idea to organize it a bit later, when the prices are comming back to normality. It could be between 15 of january and 15 of february, we could choose some weekend and decide together. The question is who would be realisticly interested...? I live in Belgium, in a city called Lier. I could host for sure 4 people and if there is a need even 6 or 7. People, who would like to come here and meet other players in real should or write here or contact me privately and tell me which time would be suitable. Greetings to all. Monika.

2. BellaCat6666,

Wow that would be awesome! I would love to meet all of you in person.

3. Cristina,

Wooo, I certainly would be interested.
I'll contact you privately.

4. Everyone,

I'll be doing internships and all that fun stuff, so not me! I'll be happy to be on Teamtalk or something when it happens though.

5. Ferrumite,

today even team talk can be called a real meeting, lol

6. Badgirl,

I am glad there is anybody interested. Everyone, you live so near and so difficult to meet you really. Shame on you! :P If you guys have any questions just ask. Cristina, you will be welcome.

7. sound2,

It would've been interesting. Unfortunately, the rand exchange rate, makes everything quite expensive.

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

A plane from Iraq to Belgium is almost very near, 4 hours. But sadly the money is a disability... I wish you all a good meeting

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