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1. musiclover,

hay yall
its my birthday to moro

2. Lemonade,

bappy hirthday! Here's hoping you read this tomorrow and not today.

3. YNWA,

You will be born tomorrow? wow!

4. StormProductions,

Happy birthday!

5. Dayan,

Happy birthday.

6. YNWA,

As the topic says tomorrow, who's birthday is tomorrow in the PR?

7. Dayan,

Well she posted it when on her timezone was still 21, I think, unless the birthday is 23 and she did a mistake.

8. musiclover,

its on wens day sorry got the day rong

9. Adventure-Time,

Happy birthday.

10. YNWA,

Np, must find another for tomorrow!

11. sound2,

Lol, mine was today, although it's evening where I am.

12. Dayan,

Oh happy birthday :D

13. YNWA,

yes happy birthday and who is next...?

14. StormProductions,

Mine is on 25th of March, so let's keep this topic until then. All people who have their birthdays coming soon let's share them here and keep this topic as a birthday repository. ROFLMAO

15. MagicalKrrish,

Mine on April 1st!

16. black_mana,

mine is in 23 October

17. mhr91358,

mine is on 18th of october

18. soundarya,

Happy belated birthdays, happy birthdays, and happy birthday in advance for the birthdays guys.

19. Mazdak ,

mine is 14th of june, 2001, so I was borned in about 17 and half years ago.

20. helleon,

Mine is the 16th of February, so get ready for it yo! Date in the diary, in case ya wanna come over to Ireland. If not, you can wait till the summer to give me your pr3esents. It'sd fine, really

21. BellaBlack666,

Are yall for real guys? Lol

22. the-supreme-AI,

birthday on the 11th of march, so it's in the deary!

23. jason100 ,

happy birthday

24. godfather,

a very! happyy! birth! day! to! you! mate! have a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!

25. BellaBlack666,

Hello guys, today is my birthday! Just thought I'd tell yall this since I don't usually post stuff like that often lol.

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