Time for Eurovision streaming again

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1. pitermach,

Hello all,
As you may recall, over the last few years a few friends of mine and myself have been live streaming the Eurovision song contest with commentary, and with the grand final for 2019 coming up the time has come once again.

The final will begin at 21:00 central European time. To see when this is for you, go here:
When the stream is about to start we wil open a public chat room on the Quentin C gameroom where you'll be able to listen to the stream and chat with us and other listeners. Alternatively you'll also be able to tweet us. If you'd rather listen on another device, you can head on over to the PG13 plays website
Or by asking either alexa or Google assistant to play PG13 plays.

If you don't know what this is all about, have a look at the archives for the previous streams:
Hope to see you there!

2. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi I would like to participate with you! I would like to be your commentator! Please!

3. YNWA,

You should create a PR Eurovision as there is enough tallent here, excluding me as everybody would cry, lol.

4. Vojvoda ,

Why not, Ynwa I would be more than happy to hear you singing You'll never walk alone!

5. YNWA,

You may do on June 1 if things go to plan.

6. helleon,

Playroom's Got Tallent! I'm sure Cowell would love the attention he'd get if he brought a group of blinds to fame.

7. pitermach,

Thanks to all who participated and for all your feedback. If you missed the stream you can get the archive here.

8. RadioPierpaolo,

Next year I will comment the Eurovision

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