we liked the playroom!

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31. Dayan,

I agree on that the topic is maybe poitless and that it can look spammy, but at the end I guess it was posted at the tea room, didn't know at tea rooms only serious topics could be posted. If you dislike, then ignore it. No need to comment something if there's nothing constructive, but destructive. It doesn't mean I am very happy to find such a topic on here, but yeah. If you don't like something, just press up or down arrow and move on to the next topic. And yes, I really like th eplayroom!

32. Nikola,

It's actually completely fine that the topic is not serious. What I can't understand is how can somebody reply to every single post in their own topic saying basically the same thing. If you want fun topics for this room, there are so many better ideas. Hell, create a topic discussing your favorite jokes and it would be more useful than this childish mess. We don't even have an active topic where people can introduce themselves. Also, getting back to this topic, creating a topic showing appreciation for the Playroom isn't bad if done well. But really, who will take this topic seriously? It's more like a chat on a free table than a forum topic.

P.s. I also just realized that this post has the word topic way too many times, so if you like doing silly things, count the number of times the word topic has been written in this post.

33. fakeNews,

nikola, i'm sorry but you can't singlehandedly define what's "fun" for the entire qc community :). as you can clearly see this was made out of extreme bordom and was for fun and many people took it that way and responded as well, i cna't see what's the need for this. ceriusly, all it takes is to ignore the topic. you dont need to write negative comments on every topic, you know. and ruen it for everybody. anyway everyone who commented before nikola, th eplayroom appriciates your liking it! P.S. i feel like some people have their sence of humur surgically removed at childhood :D

34. YNWA,

The penny drops!

35. Lemonade,

Kittens are cute

36. DarthSidious ,

Ok Nikola, when will you finally have an opinion without full of criticism and cinism? Just asking, if you are so clever you can answer it.

37. the-chaos,

reply from th eplayroom to the last post: never! :D

38. YNWA,

Kittens are not cute if they either scratch or bite your nose!

39. the-chaos,

they bite you? th eplayroom is surprised to know that!

40. Pool,

the play room also apriciates the popcorns which you guys have sprinkled all over the tea room. btw, I like the play room.

41. fakeNews,

thanks pool th eplayroom appriciates your liking it with some popcorns!

42. alphaxploder ,

Hell o there nikola, th eplayroom is so sad that you have decided to put forward hostility in its tea room.

Dernière édition par alphaxploder , 18.09.2019 15:35:46

43. Nikola,

And I am so sad that your space key is broken.

44. alphaxploder ,

No need to be sad, my space key is completely functional. Th eplayroom does appreciate your sadness for something that didn't happen though and it hopes you feel a little better.

Dernière édition par alphaxploder , 18.09.2019 16:06:15

45. Lemonade,

Oh well, now he can put the blame on you, rather than the inanimate object. So ultimately you lose.

46. Dayan,

I agree with everyone. And also with some of you on here.

47. DarthSidious ,

The playroom shouldn't appreciate people with such mentality.

48. Pool,

play room appreciates your featbacks.

49. the-chaos,

th eplayroom decides to not appreciate the people with such mentality, as the honorable user Purebeat said. :D

Dernière édition par the-chaos, 18.09.2019 20:15:25

50. DragonQueen,

If not anything else, th Eplayroom should appreciate that I am laughing my head off! So, also th eplayroom should know I like it! :D
Nikola, have fun for once, man. Plus, where that space key from, now? We can write however we want, just watch and see.

51. the-chaos,

thanks th-equeen, th eplayroom appreciates you appreciating the humour in the topic. :D

52. Nikola,

How this is funny for people I am not sure. In fact, it's so funny that everybody keeps replying to me instead of saying something even more funny in this topic.

53. fakeNews,

its called, keeping somebody from ruenning the fun, sir. because we have our sence of humur quite well in place and intact... :):). on a cerius note, thanks the-queen! th eplayroom appriciates your liking it!
P.S. if by "everybody is replying to me" you meant you wanted attention, then yeah you got it. be greatful! :):) ok i'm so done.

Dernière édition par fakeNews, 19.09.2019 14:21:46

54. the-chaos,

Nikola, th eplayroom would like to say thanks for replying to the topic at long last. now, th eplayroom would like to remind you of the hostility you've sprinkled all over the topic, and th eplayroom would like to point that th eplayroom is happy that people are still enjoying not only the topic but th eplayroom as well.

55. Honeycomb ,

Moral point of the story: Never complain when the majority is ok with something they do, just pass on. You'd only make them more to do it, even only to piss you off.

56. Nikola,

Oh wow, I can ruin the fun with a single post? That's quite cool. The fun is officially ruined. #NoFun, the Playroom would like to say this to end: Welcome to the playroom, version [09.08.2019]. 126 players are connected at the moment.

57. alphaxploder ,

The fun is far from done. I suggest you start to run, because now we're gonna have so much fun that it'll burn your skin like rays from the sun! Our laughter willl be louder than the shot from a gun! Okay yeah that was random, but seirously nah, wear sunscreen okay? If anything you amplified the fun now because you gave me the idea to write this rhyme! Thaaaaanks!!

58. fakeNews,

thanks for that nikola, that roast of yours thanks to alphey, gave me another good laugh.i mean whaat? i mean aheem, excuse me, so what i meant to say was, th eplayroom is tahnkful to nikola to making the comment he did above so that alphey could roast him and give everybody a good laugh!

59. alphaxploder ,

I didn't roast anyone! But if he didn't run the fun we're having might roast his skin because, well, see my above post.

60. Nikola,

Oh man, how funny this is, I cannot even... How did you discover such impressive poetic talents you have? Happy late birthday to the Playroom, it was 11 days ago. Next year PR will be 10 years old, quite impressive.

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