I need help from the whole community!

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1. StormProductions,


Please read this till the end, and try to understand me. I'm really in a big trouble.
I'm not trying to lie, make dramma or just waste my time on a topic that has no truth in it. Please, do not understand me wrong.

You probably heard that 1 year ago I had a very complicated kidney transplantation.
How that happened?
Well, 2 years ago, I wanted to apply for studying in the USA for the "FLEX" project. I've done all my exams, and when the time came to do medical analysis, I have been told that I have a serious kidney failure. I've been to the specialized doctor, and he said that yes, it's a kidney failure and I need to urgently be hospitalized. I've been past through different treatments, which were failed. I've been told that I need to find a donor and do a transplantation, which unfortunately can't be done in my country for kids (I was 17).
I had to find a country which can do it, and I found out that Turkey is pretty known as doing good transplantations, allthough I didn't knew that they would give me so big prices.

I had the surgery which costed me about 21 000 euros. After that, I had a lot of complications and diseases comming out from that surgery, including a kidney reject which costed me around 15 000 euros to treat.

The next year that I've been staying in the hospital, was full of diseases, infections, and so on. I've paid a lot, but unfortunately we ran out of money and we were unable to pay, so they had to take us as debt.
Note that each hospital day costs around 1 000 euros and I had to pay that every day.

Now, I managed to heal completely and I'm at home, but I still got to pay 25 000 euros to the hospital.
If not, they have already started the process and will sue me soon, so I'm running a risk of losing my house and other things. I'm not going to have a place to live in after thiat.

I've got around 1 more month to pay at least some of the ammount, otherwise I'll be in the sue process.

Please, help me get around this trouble. I don't want to lose my house, neither anything else. Each donatiion helps!

PayPal: https://paypal.me/nicusoruntila

Thank you so much for your help! I'll appreciate every dollar!

Note: If needed, I can send documents proving this, I'm not lying and I don't want money for my own use.

2. Dayan,


I'm very sad to hear what you have gone (and are going) through. Unfortunately, no matter if it's true or not I can't give you the help you need. We are a small community, and not many of us can really help and will be hard to get someone to do so. I'd suggest you to create a fundraiser, there are some sites where you can do so, and even you can on facebook and ask your closest ones for help, and, if possible, other people all around the world.

I can offer you, though, a translation for your case, so you ask Spanish helpers for permission to post this on the Spanish side of playroom, there the community is larger and there may be someone kind enough to help you a bit, I, sadly, have to request for documents that can prove the whole situation, since I can't blindly trust your words, and it hurts, because nowadays it's so hard to know when someone say the truth or not.

I wish you good luck and I hope you manage to get all the money you need. You'll go through this!

3. Vojvoda ,

There are a lot of facebook groups which are for donations, search for them if you did not and whenever you are asking for money give proofs friend, a lot of people would like to see those documents, even if you write I can give them if needed maybe some people are lazy to write yes I would like to see them, so why risk to lose some money?

4. StormProductions,


I can send the documents, of course. Just give me your emails so I can throw the pdf on.

I really don't wanna lie on this topic, because it's a really urgent problem.

5. Jahreindota,

I hope you'll pay it :(

6. StormProductions,


The documents are available at:

7. florianionascu7,

Hello Storm, I am so sorry for your situation. I hope you will be able to pass it quickly.

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