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1. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

I realise this is not exactly relevant to the playroom but I couldn't really think of any other place to ask so here goes. I've been using the native windows 10 mail client since I got my new computer back in March and it would do the job fine so I didn't really have to do any research on e-mail clients. About a week ago, however, it started becoming obnoxious to the point where it wouldn't let me sign in to either of the two accounts I use and bombard me with notifications saying that my settings are out of date and that it couldn't access the accounts due to security issues or something along those lines. It would be appreciated if anyone were to suggest a way to fix this problem or recommend an alternative. Let me note that I've already tried thunderbird which for some reason constantly freezes on me and there's nothing I can do to unfreez it unless I close the app.

2. Howard,

Yes, I have been a long time user of Windows 10 mail myself and was happy with it. I have moved away for other reasons, mainly the annoying automatic expanding of conversations and the fact it is sometimes very laggy. I've heard of people having sign in issues though, not sure what is the problem there. As for other clients, besides Thunderbird Microsoft outlook also exists, but since it is from the same company I assume you may have the exact same sign in issues. I have tried Thunderbird, people say it has improved but is still too slow. Nothing against he app, my PC is just not great to handle it. At the end I personally just gave u pon any clients and access Gmail from the web, pretty fast and accessible. I realize this is not ideal for all cases, if you have important mails you need notifications for. Apple seems to make the best Email clients, on IPhone I am pretty happy with how quick the app is, and while I have not tried Mac I have heard good things about it there as well. I would also be very happy if there was a fast, lightweight email client for Windows without unnecessary bloat such as calendar, RSS reader, and all the other stupid features modern companies put into their apps. Finally, I there is nothing wrong with the topic, this is what tea room is for :)

3. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Now wouldn't that be great? An actual fast lightweight e-mail client without reminders, calendars, maps etc etc etc. I wonder how much effort would need to be put into developing such a useful and practical app. Well looks like we'll be transitioning to the web which is inconvenient but at least it gets the job done. And yes, I agree with you on the bit about apple's clients, I mean you do get all the other crap along with them but at least they're decent. Would have switched to just using mail on my phone but haven't got a keyboard so there you go.

4. Marina8,

Hello, I was suffering from this annoying problem as well for quite sometime.
But just less then a week ago I found the solution finally in that Microsoft community topic, at first I couldn't understand what I had to do for some reason, but then I've figured out and it's working great since, it never signed me out again or refused to sign in at all. If you got any problem figuring out how it works you can write back here I'll be glad to help.
Ok, here is the link: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/cant-add-gmail-to-windows-10-mail/41d8956c-a5b2-4ca0-8575-b3c4631d1bac

5. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

@marina7, thanks very much for posting this link. We appear to have had this interesting turn of events here where Thunderbird suddenly started working properly, however I am going to keep what you said in mind, as I fear this is not going to last for long.

6. Marina8,

I don't know if it's just me, but I've tried thunderbird and I really didn't like it. I prefer the web over thunderbird lol. However if you prefer it over windows mail then good for you. I really like the windows mail app though and didn't experience any problem with it except that google security thing which caused me to be unable to sign in, (now solved for good due to that topic).

7. StormProductions,

I use a Russian mail inbox which has a quite nice accessible interface. It's called mail.ru, and as far as I know it supports English as well. You can try it out if you want.

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