manaman2 trade/battle

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1. wolfi,

hey guys, if anyone has a skype group where we can all say we want to battle or trade like crazy party i think that would be great so if anyone knows of such a thing please add me to it, or if you just want to trade or battle let me know to.

2. godfather,

there's a manamon trading group. what's your skype thingi?

3. StormProductions,

@Godfather, Please add me too, my Skype is nicusor.untila. I wanna be part of that group.

4. wolfi,

ali_abdulhadi13 please add me and thank you

5. alphaxploder ,

I added you both.

6. augma,

add me to my skipe is mohit arya

7. el-gesus-123 ,

well friends, it's written manaman, not manamon its manamon really

8. TanThetaIsSinThetaByCosTheta,

i mean, everybody got the point. so that's all that matters i guess.

9. ConoShikaTo,

can you add metoo?
my skype is

10. Onisama,

Is someone interested to trade a Kiduddle level 1 for a Grekko any level?

11. TanThetaIsSinThetaByCosTheta,

you'll probably find more interested people on skype
the group, that is

12. Onisama,


My skype is estiven.mora

could someone add me to the group?

13. TanThetaIsSinThetaByCosTheta,

sorry guys, there have been so many requests to add, but my skype is broke. i'll add as soon as possible, if somebody else hasn't already.

14. DianaCician,

Hey, is
m,a,n,a,m,o,n, no m,a,n,a,m,a,n

15. StormProductions,


This has already been sppecified in this topic.
It doesn't matter as soon as we all understand what it's all about.

16. YNWA,

Call it Mcmanaman after the former LFC player now coach/advisor.

17. wolfi,

way to keep the topic tredning guys.

18. Onisama,

guys, all my manamon are level 55, I'm in Requiem.
Would someone like to battle with manamon around those levels?

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