braille music cords

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1. george,

Hello guys. I'm a musician, I've been studying piano for more than 10 years.
All the songs, etudes and exercises I've learned were aproached by me with the method of learning by ear.
Now I'm trying to get more professional becase I wish to study at the National Music University here in Bucharest, Romania.
I learned Braille Music but there are some points that probably I don't understand correctly, especially the cords.
Is there someone whow knows this method for writting/reading music sheets and could help me?
If yes, please respond here, I'll try to get in touch with those who will answer me giving their time for me.
I propose to hear eachother on skype, but we'll establish this when we'll be got in touch.
You can give me atleast some ressources, useful links, names of books, etc.
Thank you so much in advance!

2. helleon,

Only ever met one person who actually uses Braille music. Not surprised it hasn't taken off to be honest. Music you can't read while playing makes little sense to me tbh.

3. wolfi,

for me i just memorize my cords, i play guitar, i don't really care about braille music it's quicker to just memorize, that's mya dvice to you if you are getting more professional, I am also a song writer and a recording artist so send me a pm if you want to collab

4. godfather,

wow tha'ts cool, i although i dont have much experience in playing i have played keyboard and plan to learn more after exams, also guitar, and other drums etc are easy been playin them since childhood. i also like producing, fo i recently got myself a focusright studio set. i mostly like to sing though, like i said i do plan to learn guitar and keyboard at some point, but for now i'm gunna use this for recording songs untill i learn, and perhaps collab with others in the meantime as well. hay we could all, i mean of course i'm pritty sure i can't invite yall to tee from like across the world and hook up your instruments into this soundcard set i have and we all start producing, but like we can collab since wolfey said he's a song writer and stuff, could be fun i guess. and my advise also would be to memorise, i do that too memorised the chords in the little bit of keyboard i've played, and while singing songs as well i'd just memorise them. reading makes things slow tbh.

5. squalinator ,

I tried to learn braille music years ago but I couldn't get far. I did not reach chords yet though. I had trouble reading and playing. It seemed kind of pointless to me as well. All of what I have learnt, I have learnt by ear, and I can remember quite well. However I see why you would need this for your university, I think most of them require you to learn it? Apologies for not being of much help here but hopefully you find someone who can assist you.

6. helleon,

I guess there is a market for it, after all 43% of blind musicians do not have perfect pitch i.e. the ability to recognise any note by ear

7. MissEstrellaVega,

Hi, I can read braille chords. Haven't done this for some time, but I know the system and I can try to help if needed. If you don't find me here on pr, drop me an email:

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I wonder if adults can learn perfect pitch? This is something I struggle with from time to time. Especially when I hear youtubers say that you cannot.

9. marina7,

Most people are born with relative pitch, not perfect pitch.
you may need to think more about what do you need with perfect pitch, because until now, all research links it to genes and very few researches suggest it can be taught.
Actually the people with perfect pitch are very few, and while you probably cannot obtain perfect pitch, you can work on your relative pitch and improve it with practice.
Perfect pitch is someone’s ability to identify the very small differences between notes, or identify notes without a reference.
While these skills can be taught, but they will work on memory, you still won’t have the ability.
So I think you just mean you need to work more on relative pitch which is basically identifying that something is out of tone or playing/singing the closest you can to the right pitch.

10. george,

Yeah, I have the perfect pitch, but I can't identify all the notes in a classical somng from the modern period afor example. It's fast and if I try to modify the song's speed with youtube or vlc, it gets distorted.

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