New Free Dating site for the Disabled Cupid's arrow

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1. sopralto,

Just want to let you all know about a brand-new chat and dating site created by the disabled for the disabled called Cupid's Arrow. It's free in beta through the end of February, and following this will still have free trials for new members. It's focused on making actual connections rather than answering lots of questions, made easy, accessible, and fun. Try it out at

2. DarkAlireza,

I'm offended
There is no "Other" option for the preferred gender.

Dernière édition par DarkAlireza, 02.02.2020 11:22:35

3. The-Chaos,

hey. it's free trial only till the seven days after you sign up. stop misleading people.

4. braille0109,

What both worries and cringes me is the name. In case you didn't know, there is something called

OkCupid: Free Online Dating

5. Vojvoda ,

I am not into this boring sites stuff but I need to defend the name and say that you also have face time and facebook, so you shouldn't feel cringe

6. deathdragon,

i don't trust dating sights. just my personal opinion, you don't have to agree.

7. squalinator ,

people might have made it with good intensions but it is the jobless people who decide to use it for their entertainment that makes these sites untrustworthy. I don't quite like the name myself though.

8. deathdragon,

i don't wanna get shot by an arrow

9. Aminiel,

As usual, they write that it's free for 7 days, but don't write the price after that. You must register if you want to know how it costs. This is completely stupid.

Only for this reason I wouldn't subscribe. They must be clear and transparent from the beginning. say it immediately: it's 30€ a month. I feel it too expensive, but at least you know it.

Dernière édition par Aminiel, 03.02.2020 06:18:24

10. sopralto,

HI all, I wasn't trying to hide the pricing cost, yes, afterwords you must subscribe, but as I am not the developer, I didn't know the prices, they are still deciding on prices last I heard. This is why I did not specify them. I am not developer, only someone who has helped a little and offered to help get the word out.

11. Vojvoda ,

Easy 10 points,
Accessible 10 points,
Fun 0 points
Tell the developer that he should give more descriptive errors and not only can't upload a photo.

12. sopralto,

ok thanks, what do you mean by descriptive errors?

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