The childish phenomenon kicking

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1. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Ok so all of you agrees with me that the table master has the right to kick whoever they want with or without a reason. But what's seriously annoying now is the gender selection to kick. I've been in tables where if you are a guy you get kicked and the girl stays. I've joined one last time and the guy that was there kicked me and my GF stayed then he made it private. It's fine she left but can that be further than a pervert action or even less?
It's really out of morality and respect. It can cause problems to people later. I mean yes all we can do is block every now and then, but I don't know what other ways to deal with it.

2. YNWA,

Are these game tables or free tables or even both? Free tables I don't bother with but game tables I have not seen. Have seen it on Rs though. Yes there are some weird people here and when I did first change to YNWA from Dalglish7 (good job as he is now knighted) I did get some strange people writing as they assumed I was female. Some names you can tell but not all. The fact remains is that if someone is not behaving properly then they will soon get well. Maybe I can give them my cold as a punnishment.

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

It was and is still on free tables. I am surprised that I am complaining about this now. But it was really out of hands. I am not worried about being kicked but they can ruin someone's relation. You are a boym no welcome. A girl? Let's go for a hug or two.

4. Adventure-Time,

I can understand your frustration over this. It is very immature to create such a free table and to act this way. However, such a situation will neither start, nor ruin any serious relation. Should not. If yes, then something here would be seriously wrong.

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5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

@AT I can see it in one way or the other. I mean it brings jealousity in fact rofl.

6. unolover,

i some times have this

7. DarkAlireza,

I hate when they do that

8. Pool,

lol it is very stupid.

9. Rory101,

when they ask me i just don't respond because I don't want into that sort of thing here on the playroom. But if they're trying to make a relationship and kicking people who might stop them, then that's just plain stupid and selfish, full stop, end of story. I'm sorry, but don't try and make internet relationships! ever!

10. GoldenWisdom,

Wait what? I thought you couldn't change your gender.

11. soundarya,

Yes but sometimes the nicname shows the gender.

12. MuhammadHajjar,

A funny fact. In December I was receiving many unusual PR friend requests as they deliberately attempted to create deep friendships with me by requesting private contact info. When I started suspecting that it was out of the ordinary, I knew that the reason was my nickname at that time (Eternity-Angel), and what confirmed to me was that someone addressed me as a girl lol. That nickname was based on a char in Manamon for your reference :D.

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