what does arcade mode mean?

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1. TanThetaIsSinThetaByCosTheta,

hay guys.
So today, i was messing around with qc, and accidentally pressed ctrl shift del in menu list. it then said this:
Arcade mode
I tried pressing things but hurd nothing what so ever so i pressed it again and it went to its normal menu list.
So i want to know whether its a feature in progress, or something which was planned then cancelled or what. haven't seen info about this anywhere.
thanks in advance

2. StormProductions,


For me, this just makes the window empty with "Arcade Mode" on the left corner of the screen.
Good question, it's the first time I hear about this thingy.

3. Nikola,

Hello. For the 6 years of Playroom in 2016, there was a special event in French where the arcade mode was used. It had several minigames to play, similar to crazy party, Simon I believe and maybe the math games. This was a new feature in progress, but was later abandoned. I am not sure if it will ever come back, perhaps in v 3? Sadly we in the English part never experienced how it works.

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