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1. Mich240,

Hey everyone. I tried to stream a youTube video earlier, but it did not work. In looking at this forum, I have managed to find that only dropbox links work. Can anyone confirm this?

2. Time_traveller555,

As far as I know other direct links to certain types of audio files work too. It does not have to be dropbox but it does have to be one of those audio formats. Mp3 files work for sure, haven't experimented with anything else.

3. Nikola,

Hello, no, it is not only Dropbox. However, for your stream to work it has to be a direct link. Youtube links are not direct, they open a page with a video player. Any direct audio file will work fine, regardless if it is Dropbox or on some other server. Hopefully that helps. For free cloud storage services however, Dropbox is the only one I am aware giving you a direct link to download the file, thus it is what people use most often. You can also propose radio streams as long as of course they are not HTML pages but direct streams.

4. Mich240,

So, I could use, say, a google drive link? I tried that, but it did not work.

5. supremekiller,

Google drive brings up a download button nad you gotta click preview so this won't work with the stream thing.

6. Nikola,

No. Google drive links aren't direct either. Essentially anything that opens a page where you have to click a link to download won't work. There was a way to make Google drive links direct, but I never got it to work myself and I am not sure whether that's still possible.

7. Sajad-Aliraqi,

You can look up any online youtube converter in which you can put a link and convert it to mp3, then when you are promted with a download link you can copy it and stream up

8. Mich240,

Well, I just looked up on how to create direct Google drive links and it seems to

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