about the duck's race

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1. SametAlim,

hi there.
who can tell me about somethings.
how can I play to the duck's race?
I don't know that.
please help me, please teach me.

2. Howard,

Hello. You can always read the rules by pressing Ctrl f1 while on a table of Duck's race. It would be best to go through the rules, try a game with a bot and then ask what you do not understand or what isn't clear, and I will certainly try to help. However, without precise questions we can do nothing but repeat the information that is already present in the game rules. To summarize, it is a board game in which you roll a die to advance, while using cards to help yourself or disadvantage your opponents and prevent them from being the first to finish the race. A race is usually played in a predefined number of laps, and so is this game. A lap obviously means going around the entire board, from 1 to 30 in this case. As soon as you reach square 1 again, you are in a new lap. The first one to finish the defined number of laps wins the race.

3. SametAlim,

thank you.
but, I need so much information for this game.
for example;
what is the duty of the cards? Which cards should I play in which situations?
I want a wide explanation about the game.

4. Fawaz,

You can press d on the card to know what that card does. other then that, read the rules etc as nikola said.

5. Howard,

I see. So what is the fun if someone tells you you play this card in this case, and that card in this other case? Part of the fun when learning a game is figuring out your strategy and seeing what works and what doesn't. If you can't make a mistake and just play by copying another strategy, that's not an interesting game for me personally. We are of course here to give some advice, but not completely mention all the strategies and ruin the fun. Observe what other players do and you will probably get some pointers to play.

6. QueenBella666,

Personally, I would recommend playing against a real person trather than a bot, it helps me understand the game better. Also, thanks for the brief tutorial of the game smiley face. I thought at first the game was a title to a free table like when a person would change the topic of the free table lol.

7. SametAlim,

I'll try to play this game. thanks everyone.

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