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1. Maldalain,

Hey all
If you read this series before, I need to know the proper order of them. Some sites list The Shadow of the Wind as Book 1, some others as book 2. However I am quite sure that The Labyrinth of the Spirits is book 4.
The titles are
The Shadow of the Wind
The Angel's Game
The Prisoner of Heaven
The Labyrinth of the Spirits

2. YNWA,

It would have been easier if you had listed the author as well but I have found it. I have put series order and list year of publication. This is the order the RNIB have them. I have not read any of this series but may wel read them one day.

Ruiz Zafón, Carlos Cemetery of forgotten books;

  1. The shadow of the wind 2004.
  2. The angel's game 2009.
  3. The prisoner of heaven 2012.
  4. The labyrinth of the spirits 2018.

3. Rincewind,

Hi. I've read the first two but I think the order is:

This is according to the timeline. I found The Shadow of the Wind more engaging and that's what I started with.

Dernière édition par Rincewind, 18.09.2020 17:38:11

4. Vojvoda,

Shadow of the wind is one of my favorite books ever and you should start with that one. The rest I don't quite find entertaining.
RIP Zafon thanks for the awesome book you wrote.

5. Cristina ,

The proper order of this serie written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon is:

Dernière édition par Cristina , 18.09.2020 20:23:23

6. Maldalain,

Thanks all. Still I am wondering about the exact order of the books in the series according to the timeline of the events. Supposing that the Shadow of the Wind is the first in the series, I checked the first few pages of The Angel's Game and found that they go back in time before the birth of Daniel. So what do you think guys?

7. Rincewind,

As I said, according to the timeline The angel's Game comes first

8. Maldalain,

Rincewind, I appreciate your help. I wish I knew searched more before I read the Shadow of the Wind so that I can follow the line of events. I was reading an article where the writer raises the point that you can read the book series in any order. There is that sort of narrative edict implying this. Again, thanks all. Long live the bookworms!

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