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1. Bhuvi,

Hello everyone. I would be glad to inform you all that I, Bhuvika Agrawal, and Pranav Savla, have come up with an application called hangman4e. It is available on google playstore at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hangman4e.apbyr&hl=en_US . The main aim of building this app was to create awareness among blind and sighted comunity about accessibility, and to bridge the gap between the blind and sighted. The app includes the main page, from where you can play the hangman4e game. It also includes chat section, social chat and video, find users. We would be obliged if you download our app, and also rate and review it. Any feedbacks and/or suggestions are most welcome. Should you have any quaries, or have any suggestions for improvement of this app, feel free to reply in this forum, or contact us at team6.hangman4e@gmail.com. We hope you enjoy our app! Thank you for your cooperation.

2. phoenix009,


This is Pranav, the dev of this app. Or actually, one of the devs.
We're constantly updating the app. I know it is a bit low on accessibility right now, but the fix is coming in the next update.
Hope you enjoy it! Do not forget to leave your feedback or suggestions here or write them to the E-Mail address provided above.

3. Bhuvi,

we'd love to have your feedback. Also note, the entire credit of developement of this app goes to pranav. Hope you enjoy it!

4. phoenix009,

No, Bhuvika here is also credited to making the app, especially the front-end of the main play page.

5. Bhuvi,

But most of the developement is done by pranav. So pls do check this out!

6. pranam,

Well, your collaberation must have produced something good and it's certainly very sweet. I'll check it out if I get time.

7. phoenix009,

Thanks a ton! And, of course, we could not achieved this without the help we got from:
Lydia fernandais, Shalini Jha, Sumit Sonagra, and Bhuvika Agrawal here.

8. Bhuvi,

thanks a ton, do check that out. And yeah, this wouldn't have been possible without their help and support. And of course, Pranav Savla, who is the main leader and who contributed the most.

9. The-Chaos,

you're most welcome for the potential usage of the app by anybody and everybody. they might not be able to thank, so I'm doing on their behalf.

10. Bhuvi,

most welcome.

11. pranam,

Well, either decide who played how much of a part in the development of this app or take it down. It's unprofessional to argue on such a matter, shows your collaboration in a bad, light. This holy sweetness you are showing amongst yourselves on the forum will not attract users, I'm pretty sure.

12. Bhuvi,

ok fine. We both contributed equally.

13. phoenix009,

Yeah. The important thing, at the end, is that we are looking for any feedback and suggestions. Also, there is now a send feedback option in the app for you to, if you didn't guess it, send feedback.

14. Bhuvi,

exactly, do check that out. And that was just part of acknowledgement of team members.

15. Roshni,

Congrats to everyone!

16. sodanisavit01,

i am glad to hear it, keep it up. hope you try to make apps like this.

17. Bhuvi,

sure, we will. Thanks for your feedback, hope you enjoy it!

18. justin,

when is this game going to release?

19. Bhuvi,

its already released. You can find it on google play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hangman4e.apbyr

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