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31. The-Chaos,

not "fighting" over you or anyone else for that matter. relax and get a cup of coffee.

Dernière édition par The-Chaos, 30.10.2020 01:49:21

32. Bhuvi,

I was just saying dont fight. I didn't mention anyone's name or any topic.

33. The-Chaos,

someone needs to reread it. they totally missed the crux of that statement.

34. Bhuvi,

whatever. I dont want it to become a fighting place, and even I'm not in a mood for it. So yeah.

35. The-Chaos,

wow. that's something new I guess? sarcasm aside, you still did not get the crux of that message of mine above, so yeah. ignorance truly is bliss. enjoy.

36. Bhuvi,

no, I didn't get it.

37. HermfyPermfy,

his head is cruxy

38. soundarya,

I am listening to this song. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=bdS6OoH1W2A&feature=share

39. godfather,

MM. A splash of cold water to calm our rather heated souls. This song brings back a lot of memories too, makes me want to sing it whenever i listen :).

40. Bhuvi,

oh wow, what a nice song!

41. The-Chaos,

finally! Elon Musk Verified account @elonmusk Oct 15 The gauntlet has been thrown down! The prophecy will be fulfilled. Model S price changes to $69,420 tonight! 12818 replies, 43741 Retweets, Retweeted, 340474 likes

42. supanut2000,

Out of boredom, I decided to try opening 10-15 Potplayer windows, each of them playing a media file. It's kind of fun actually.

43. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Eddy van passed away

44. Alan1003,

happy halloween to all of you fokes!

45. Bhuvi,

it was yesterday, 31st October.

46. Alan1003,

that's when i posted it.

47. Bhuvi,

oh ok. so sorry, didn't check that.

48. unolover,

its not fere that i dont get put in turniments

49. HermfyPermfy,

the world is made out of cheese and microwave cubes

50. Bhuvi,

blood can appear green under water

51. phoenix009,

Doesn't matter to me. Rofl accessible coconut is awesome.

52. Alan1003,

what's acsessable coconut.

53. phoenix009,

It's a new linux distro.

54. HermfyPermfy,

its not new. its over 5 years old or just about. rofl it used to be based on ubuntu14 and has the jennux scripts to check battery, o c r, and restart orca. well everything rofl.

55. phoenix009,


I left her the day your mum called up. The reason was thaat I didn't like her anymore. I didn't like anyone anymore. Anyone except you. Just when you went, I realized how much I needed you to function. I know you don't love me anymore, and I can't blame you. It's probably better for you, as you deserve way more than a hulking freak like me. But I wont stop caring for you. I've decided I'm not going to date anyone for I don't know long, hopefully for a few decades, because I can't get over you. Even before, I never got over you. Even when I did date Aarna, something didn't feel right. Now I know that I wasn't meant to date her. I just wanted you to have the best life, and I didn't think dating me was going to help you, as I suck. I have way too many flaws. As I said, I'm a hulking freak.
Anyway, I hope you take care.

56. The-Chaos,

sho cute lovey dovey shtuff. here's hoping that it all gets well. love is truly a tortuous thing sometimes.

57. godfather,

Dont know anything of what's going on, at least not directly but all I know that it takes a lot of courage to talk about your flaws in public so I have respect for you and what you just did there man.

58. phoenix009,

shit i didnt want to paste that here

59. soundarya,

I think you can edit it, just say "it was a message i pasted here unintendedly or something". It is genuinly justifyable to edit it, I think

60. Bhuvi,

yes do that

Dernière édition par Bhuvi, 06.11.2020 19:44:06

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