Final 2 weeks Match's of 2017-2018 Uno league.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Greetings all,

Since we don't have many match's left to be completed in this season's league, therefore, I am putting up all the remaining match's and you can complete all the match's in 2 weeks, that is, this current week and next week. Only after that the final results will be released. So all the best and give in your best.

These are the match's:

Fawaz v Nikola.
Fawaz v Badgirl.
Fawaz V Marina7
Fawaz V Midomidomido.
MagicalKrrish V Badgirl.
Yazan V Policeman1.
Yazan V Adventure-time.
Nikola V Midomidomido.
Angelina-princess V Guliwer.
Angelina-princess V keywasful.
Everyone V Mayank.
Everyone V Trixabella666.
Guliwer V trixabella666.
Cristina V Keywasful.
Me-me V Marina7.
Nikola V adventure-time.
Keywasful V Adventure-time.
Fawaz V MagicalKrrish
Fawaz V Guliwer
Fawaz V Claudiu
MagicalKrrish V Midomidomido
MagicalKrrish V Adventure-time.
Yazan V Keywasfull
Yazan V Me-me
Yazan V Mayank.
Nikola V bastibasti
Nikola v Mayank.
Dalibor V Guliwer
Dalibor V Cristina.
Angelina-Princess V Everyone.
Angelina-princess V Claudiu
Angelina-princess V Me-me.
Everyone V Midomidomido
Everyone V Adventure-time.
Guliwer V Policeman1
BastiBasti V Claudiu
Bastibasti V Badgirl.
Claudiu V Trixabella666
Claudiu v Adventure-time.
Cristina V Badgirl.
Cristina V Midomido
Cristina V Mayank.
Badgirl V Policeman1.
Keywasfull V me-me
Keywasfull V Midomido.
Marina7 V adventure-time.
Marina7 V Mayank.
Fawaz V Everyone
MagicalKrrish V Nikola.
MagicalKrrish V Everyone.
Yazan V trixabella666.
Angelina-princess V trixabella666.
Angelina-princess V Policeman1.
Mayank V Bastibasti.
Mayank V Me-me.
Mayank V trixabella666.

If any queeries then feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


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2. BellaCat6666,

Did dalivor get disqualified? I didn't see his name in any of these matches. Plus I still never played my match against him from last week. If he ever shows up, does that count at all to play match or like I said is he dropped out?

3. Badgirl,

I am very sorry for all who were looking for me. I have serious familly problems and I travel a lot between two countries, so my time got highly limited. But please, send me private message when it would be good to play with me and I will do my best to catch everything up. Once again sorry for inconvenience.

4. BellaCat6666,

I'm still looking for everyone and Juliwa

5. Vojvoda,

I am wondering do you give won matches of disqualificated person to his opponents or only to his future opponents?
In case of Dalibor does it mean that if Nikola lost to him you will count as Nikola's win or you will leave that loss?

6. MagicalKrrish,

If a player is not able to play his or her aponents despite of being here of whole week and trying to search for their aponents, the points get awarded to them. I also notice who is here and who never turn up for the week. so don't worry, we got it handled.

7. Vojvoda,

I am not afraid that you can not handle it, I am just interested if someone leaves the league not if someone doesn't turn up for just one week. So WaterNymph left the league, what did you do with her won matches?
Not asking this to control you, as I said just wondering.

8. MagicalKrrish,

we award points, simple. They pulled out quite late in the league so it won't be easy to disqualify them from league straight away. So we work out who haven't played them will be awarded points. same applied for others.

9. BellaCat6666,

Okay so when will we see final results of the league as a whole?

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