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1. Cristina,

Hello everybody!

i plan to organize a belote league, which would begin next month. The date is undetermined yet.

The matches would be played on every wednesday and saturday, there could be a day for those matches which could not be played due to serious reasons, let's say, that day would be monday.

I thought to give 3 points for each victory, 2 points for each match, 1 point for draw, in that case if the team which bid will take the contract on the next round and will not fail. I also thought of penalty, minus 1 point for that team which will fail the contract, but I am not very convinced yet, if this would be ok to have, maybe it would encourage the cheating.

There would be also penalty for those teams which will not show up to play their matches: for first time it would be juist a warning, for the second, minus 3 points and for third time, the team will be excluded from the league.

It will be a break of 2 weeks for Easter holiday

These are the rules of the coming belote league, but anyone is welcome to suggest alternative days or to expres his/her opinion refering to the topic.

This league is for anyone, experienced belote players or less experienced, but not for those people, who are not reliable, due to thei careless attitude they had in the previous tournaments or leagues.

If any of you are interested to take part in the league, please subscribe on this topic, or contact me privately. Make sure to find your teammate, however if you couldn’t you can message me and I’ll try to find you one.

Kind regards, Cristina!

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2. nicollae01,

hello , I want to join this league tournament , I really like the idea of playing in a league-like tournament
, I find it more beautiful than the cup type
ps: I say you have to register as many as everyone here has the chance both the beginner and the professional..

3. Basti,

Hello, I will participate with Nikola

4. musiclover,

i will joyn with jw 45

5. Cristina,

Greetings all!

I am delighted to anounce, the belote league will begin tomorrow, the first of march 2018, at 15:00 (3 P M) U K time!

13 teams have signed up, they are as follow:

  1. Alesia Aurel
  2. Guliwer MagicalKrrish
  3. NIcola Bastibasti
  4. Waternimph Vojvoda (sorry I can not spell your new username)
  5. Catallin Claudiu
  6. Quedirgencero Umut-cicegi
  7. Vero Andreiuta
  8. The-raven Smiling-hawaiian
  9. Dragos Victor11
  10. Nicolae01 Jose
  11. Genti Zulfquar007
  12. Cristina Taper
  13. Me-me undertaker

The matches will be played on the next days in every week: monday, thursday, saturday and sunday.
Note: Sunday will be for those matches which could not be played due to serious reasons, like powercut, emergency and so on.

The starting time of the matches will be the same for every day, 15:00 (3 P M) U K time, concluding at 21:00 (9 P M) U K time.

The score limit will be 1037, every team will get 3 points for it victory, 2 for every match it made, (so that case when a team succeed to take all the points in a round) and 1 point for the draw, when the team which took the contract made draw, the opponent team will get that 1 point.

When a team will not show up to play it scheduled match, first time will get a warning and the points will be awarded to the opponent team. After that, every time it will happen, the absent team will get a penalty of minus 3 points, these being awarded to the opponent team.

Nicolae01 and Catallin will help me with the organizing and observing the natches.

Tomorrow, on thursday the first of march the matches will be as follow:

Dragos Victor11 vs Cristina Taper
The-raven Smiling-hawaiian vs Genti Zulfquar007
Waternimph Vojvoda vs Nicola Bastibasti
Alesia Aurel vs Catalin Claudiu
Vero Andreiuta Catalin Claudiu
Nicolae01 Jose vs Cristina Taper

The matches for saturday 3rd of march 2018 are as follow:

  1. MagicalKrrish Guliwer vs Catalin Claudiu
  2. Bastibasti Nicola vs Andreiuta Vero
  3. Quedirgencero umut-cicegi vs dragos Victor11
  4. Waternimph Vojvoda vs Alesia Aurel
  5. 5 Me-me Undertaker vs Catallin Claudiu

Note: Every team will play 2 matches.

The matches of the other teams were not scheduled yet. I will come with further information refering to them saturday 3rd of march 2018.

Thank you all for subscribing and I am sorry for all those who wished to take part in this belote league, but they could not due to the busy schedule of university.

I wish you all best of luck, hoping to have a nice time together, playing in this league.

Kind regards Cristina!!!

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