blocking people without a reason

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1. cork,

hello everyone, reasently I heard from some people that they are blocked without a reason here, one of them is my friend; his user name here is: master-chief. I know this guys very well, he just comes and plays here, he doesn't even talk to anyone here, he got this message: You have been banned from the server for the following reason: Insultos muy graves a usuario. Reportado..

This ban ends in 19731 days, 14 hours and 5 minutes. this is very weird, even when I press f4 to talk to one oof the admins here I don't find anyone. thank you everyone and sorry for posting here

2. Shewolf ,

The most nice is that real problems they are not solving, even they are deleting important topics, like the harrassers or insulters, but innocent people they know to ban, shame, really shame. They made from this client the corupted camp. So again, admins, unban him. It's really foolish from you, who should mainly! be responsible.

3. Muhammad_Hajjar,

He's unbanned now and that's good to know. But problem here is why are they doing that? He didn't do anything and he was surprised by the ban as he told me. Weird.

4. Shewolf ,

Exactly. Seems that the priorities of admins are somewhere else.

5. Nikola-Jovic ,

Guys as it seems the ban was Spanish so stop calling them admins cause they aren't admins, they are helpers.

6. Shewolf ,

but two times per some hours? He is banned again. What the hell is that. So if they are helpers, they should help, not make other's life unpleasant. Playroom is what i know game client, not place, where is someone solving his/her low ego, or?

7. Nikola-Jovic ,

As if whining like that will get the person unbanned. All i can say is tell the person to write on the contact page and be as detailed as possible about the case. However if the ban isn't forever, might be better to wait till it expires and then contact Spanish helpers directly

8. Shewolf ,

all of us tried, and they had even not any need to answer, so?

9. Nikola-Jovic ,

That happens and i can understand you, but other than that nothing much else to suggest.

10. Sajad-Aliraqi,

This topic smells some I obey. :D there is no necessary about that defense, Nikola. Seriously! We all know how the case is with banning.....

11. Nikola-Jovic ,

Um ok just to clarify that i didn't defend anyone, i just posted what you should try to do when you get banned.

12. merverella ,

i can sign in the web but ican"t join the programs. please help me.Error
You have been banned from the server for the following reason:
account abuse and other.
This ban ends in 6486 days, 19 hours and 23 minutes.

Ultima edizione da merverella , 01.08.2017 11:22:07

13. laila.ali,

i agree that they block without reason and that admin and helper not do their work good and even when we send them report history chat ,they not care and not stop bad people from insult people here

14. AmineTrichine,

I can't get why many of you get offended by insults. It's not like they are destroying your whole life. If someone insults you you always have a block list, they can't join your tables, pm or invite you. Come on, get over it.

15. laila.ali,

i did not say they destroy my life ..i said admin and helper not solve any problem when u send them any messeges even they not care and they block and ban many people without reason ..i suggest that they change those admin and helper or stop ban people as they stop answer any messegs when we send them problem to solve and they not answer !!

Ultima edizione da laila.ali, 01.08.2017 12:35:37

16. sami,

Hi all,

I apologize if I'm sounding rude here, but I think it's perfectly obvious why the admins and helpers are doing this. Anyone who has been reading the forum knows that the user called Abdulrahman has always (and probably still does) create multiple accounts, as well as spamming the playroom and insulting players. If this is the case, and Abdulrahman really is creating tons and tons of accounts every day, that means that he probably has the ability to get around the Playroom's already stringent security and hack other people's IP's, or he might be using VPN. As a result, the admins are on a constant lookout for Abdul's accounts so that they can ban them. Unfortunately, they have no way of knowing who is Abdul and who is not, and may or may not have ways of investigating this, so they just have to conclude that those accounts may belong to Abdulrahman. If they ignore your emails, than the admins probably think that you're Abdulrahman and that you're just complaining and trying to re-enter playroom to cause more mayhem. When you're writing to the admins to tell them that you have been unjustly banned, I would try to justify your reasoning rather than simply saying "I have been unfairly banned, can you please unban me?" Because in that instance, as I just mentioned, you would sound too much like Abdulrahman groaning and complaining. When writing the admins, I would suggest first telling them how long you've been a Playroom user, (for example for five years) and then, once you've explained that you've been a long-time Playroom user who never caused anyone problems, I would copy-paste the history of the last time you were logged in to proove that you didn't do anything bad.

Also, if that doesn't work, I believe that Aminiel has said earlier that he and his team now accepts donations to reduce the amount of your ban. So all you would have to do is click on the donate button on the Playroom's homepage, and give Aminiel some amount of money.

I hope these suggestions help and that you can get all your bans resolved.



17. AmineTrichine,

So litterally when someone gets banned they should know that the admins are acuzing them of beeing abdulrah what ever his name was now? Is that what you are suggesting?

18. Sajad-Aliraqi,

The entire Playroom team lives are not depended on what Abdul makes of accounts. There are tons of people that want to enjoy playing, what is their sin and what have they done to be accused of being Abdul and be banned?
There are several but clear signs that I have about Abdul to distinguish his being than others. So he is not as hard as gravity to figure out who he could be

19. AmineTrichine,

Exactly, but nobody will listen anyway so we are well, kinda wasting time posting here lol.

20. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Another post but just to clarify something
First if you say Aminiel allows donations to reduce the ban period, then those people who didn't violate the rules were forced to be banned and accused of violation so they pay? This is simply unlogic, what is the sin of random players to get ban in order to donate? I've always heard that the team keeps people away from violating their rules but by saying donations reduce the ban period, then it's as the same as forcing people to violate so they donate!

21. Nikola,

I saw that comment, but honestly i think that was not serious and was just a joke for abusers. If you donate, Aminiel will for sure appreciate it. Does that mean he'll unban you even if you cause so much trouble? Probably not.

22. helleon,

sorry, i don't know whether the above post by sami was accurate, but if the admins are banning people without a fair reason, they are expecting the players to pay money to him in order for them to be unbanned? That is totally and utter ridiculous. i would never have expected this. So what you are implying, Sami, is that when the site is strapped for cash the admins are banning regular users who they feel will donate a couple of pound to get back up?

23. Nikola,

Definitely not the case. Just because he said so doesn't mean that's how it is, and it's definitely not. How can Aminiel even know who will donate? That was not a serious comment guys.

24. AmineTrichine,

@nikola problem is that I heard that statement from more than one person, that's why it got me, kind of, upset.

25. Nikola,

You can hear it from 50 persons, but until i hear it from aminiel i will simply ignore that. A lot of untrue statements about banning are currently in the playroom.

26. helleon,

until you hear it from aminiel? you think he's going to make an announcement on the updates and work in progress section about accepting bribes?

27. Nikola,

Who said on the updates section? He will go ahead and say it here: Yes, i can ban whoever i want and they must donate. But other people are just speculating and using that comment to try to make their ban unjustified.

28. mohammedradwan9564,

this thing happened with me a lot and i have a lot off charactre banned without reason, so i was forsed to do new, i hope admins do rules for helpers t stop ban without reason

29. YNWA,

There is a lot of noncense being spoken and don't be surprised if very few people take you seriously. Aminiel was saying maybe I should start a service where someone should pay me for removing bans for banned accounts. that was a comment written in frustration so should be taken with a pinch of Salt. I can't speak about the Spannish helpers as I don't know them but there are other parts of this platform where you can play. If things are that bad then you can get another account and play. If you are causing trouble then don't be surprised if you get banned again.
I think it would be interesting to see published on here how many people make complaints officially and the result of the actions every month. You may get something like 160 people complained in the English part of the Playroom out of those 160 complaints 100 were serious, 50 were warned and we took action with 50 others. Not perfect I know but people would have an idea of what has happened and could see throughout the Pr a level of consistency. I know Helpers cannot comment on individuals but to have a general idea of what has happened may help a little. If the number of complaints are officially registered then it would be difficult to say that nothing has been done. People may or may not agree with the helpers response but you can't please everybody.

30. diamond,

Hello, admins/helpers:
One of my friends also got banned since a year or so for no reason. His username is Ammadbasheer.
He used to play games only and with spesific people, and hardly chatted with anybody there. Yet he is accused of harassment and abusing others.
I talked to one of helpers too but unfortunately no use.
If any admin dares to listen/read this comment, please unban him.

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