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1. TheOracle,

I have a suggestion for the little exam.
if you have say 60 seconds to play, and you can only think of a couple of answers, wouldn't it be good to have like a stop the clock option, to say well.. this is what I can come up with, now you judge the words.

rather than wait for ages for the seconds to tick down

I think it's a great idea and could actually make the game shorter if players use it

2. Nikola,

Hello, but how would this work when there are more players? The judge can't just check all of your words because the judge isn't supposed to know who submitted what.

3. TheOracle,

how this could work is each player on the little exam has their own 60 seconds.

so in sted of 1 60 seconds for all players, each player hass their own 60 seconds, and when you stop the clock, that's just your time stopped, and everyone else can still submit

maybe an option that says give up or something

4. Nikola,

OK, but what difference does it make when you stop if you still need to wait for other players to finish? When you don't want to type anything, simply don't.

5. helleon,

I agree with this suggestion with a slight alteration: have a submit button, but only allow the judge to start correcting things when everyone has pressed that button, similar to what has been added to quiz party.

6. Nikola,

When you type your answers, they are automatically submitted. You have a plus that you can edit them whenever you want as long as the time hasn't expired. Quiz party was different. In there, editing your answer wouldn't make any sense.

7. the-raven,

I agree with this suggestion. If everybody has answered (and edited) their answers within 30 seconds, there wouldn't really be any reason to wait any further.

8. Cristina,

But how could we know when everybody finished to submit their answer?
I think this would not work properly.

9. YNWA,

If the game is set to 60 seconds and everybody finnishes within 20 seconds almost every round then the game master has set the times limit too high. There are times when I think I can't answer no more and I suddenly think of something right at the end and usually not enough time to put it in, lol. There can be rounds where even if you are given an hour you couldn't answer anything. With two players then being able to pass would be a good solution but with more people playing then at least one of the players unless it is a real stinker would need the time allotted.

10. Everyone,

Ok, so on second thought I don't know how good/doable this suggestion actually is. Because unlike with quiz party, you can still edit your answers until the time is up. So all in all this suggestion wouldn't change all that much. Probably better to just make sure you don't have the time limit too high. I personally think anything above 60 seconds is already quite high... I don't think people should be given a ton of time to think, either. But that's just my personal opinion.

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11. Aminiel,


In the original game, you can stop the clock early if you have found the 5 words, and, as far as I remember, you also get a few bonus points.

I didn't implemented an equivalent for this, because I have a few issues and I don't know exactly what's the best way to transpose this rule.

With the penalty we have often the problem that the judge doesn't always do everything correct at first pass, e.g. give 2 points instead of 1, or giving points when you shouldn't have got or conversely. So it would be easy to mess up the system. It's not so easy to implement something that makes sense.

What do you think about this ?

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12. Kotoamatsukami,

I think that you should have option under all answers submit your words, and if everyone clicks on it then clock can be stopped. The first one who finishes and has all right answers get bonus points, so if judge accepts all of his answers then at the end of the round he could get bonus points.

13. marina7,

Well our version at school was a bit different, I don’t know if it’s even a variant of the same game or is it a totally other game. We actually used to call it autobus complet. I think it would be nice if you add this variant too.
Well it’s as follows:
We agree on certain categories before the game starts it is usually 5 but you can go for more,
let’s say for example a male name, a female name, food, animal and a country.
Then these categories will stay stable during the game but the letter will change randomly, so if the letter happens to be “C” we fill all categories with c.
Then the person who finishes first stops the game at this point and everyone reveals their papers, there is no judge everyone agrees by common sense on the answers, but I guess that would be difficult to implement here. Anyway then it goes the same as the little exam, 1 point if it’s the same answer 2 points if it’s a different one.
But I do agree that it’s not like on real life, people don’t act the same and mess up and could right whatever stupid answer to stop the game, well we could let this person be the judge for 3 rounds as a penalty if he got 2 wrong answers.

14. Kotoamatsukami,

That's version that I played too. But of course would be hard to put here. The only think that could be changed is random letters, that all answer have to begin with the same word.

15. Everyone,

I suppose you could have stopping the clock being an optional rule. That way if you're not really sure if you're playing with people you can trust not to do stupid stuff, you can turn the rule off.
As to bonuses for doing this... You could always give a bonus point per good answer for the person who stopped the clock, but a wrong answer would be -1 points instead of 0. Or, only give the bonus point if no one else gave the answer as well, so it would become 3 points not 2. The question then is what to do to the one point only option... Would that give 2 points, or 1?

16. YNWA,

The good thing about this game is that everybody can judge so just putting anything won't work because the judge can decide to not score any points for the answers and even deduct points if required. If you give the first person extra points for finnishing first then that could give an extra advantage to native speakers that can type faster.

I have not played this game for a while so excuse me if it is not already there. I think people should type in their answers as normal and be able to change them like they do at the moment. I think there should be a done button so when you feel you can't answer more questions then you just press enter on done like you can in French Tarat when you have finnished selecting your discarded cards. If all players have pressed the done button then the game goes to the next round. even if only 30 seconds of the 60 seconds have passed.

17. the-raven,

Agreed. With extra points given for answering all categories right and being the first to do this, a native speaker would have a greater advantage since the said person would have a greater chance of knowing appropriate words (e.g., birds, fish, trees etc.)

18. Ferrumite,

have to agree. there should be done button, but there should be still no rewards for something like getting to answers to fast so that everyone has the same advantage.

19. Everyone,

Native speakers already have an advantage anyway, there's not very much you can do about that. And, again, if you make this an optional rule, you can always turn it off if you're worried about the advantage becoming too big.

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