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1. Ferrumite,

hi guise,
so I thought, there are some topics witch are sticky, I meen always on top. like this updates and works in progress topic. so we praticly don't know has anything new accured because it's always on the top. my suggestion is to have something like a new posts thing if there are new posts, or something like that.
Kind regards

2. AmineTrichine,

you can just check the date you know. I mean, the current date stile in topics is a god damn mess but heh, I guess it still helps.

3. Nikola,

How is date in a topic a mess?

4. Mazdak ,

As people said, you can check the date and time for related topic, but about the updates and work in progress topic, I think Aminiel has pinned it, because it is important and if people send many topics after a several days, the number of them will be increased and this important topic will go down, at end of the list. So people won't be able to see the new changes as well as they can, easily.

5. Ferrumite,

point is, I am lazy to check the dates. :D

6. Nikola,

Absolutely no comment

Ultima edizione da Nikola, 17.09.2017 22:30:28

7. Mazdak ,

The other thing is in some topic, when comments are going to be much, we won't be able to see the main text of the post in top of the list, for example, in New Playroom windows client available: 2.2.8 RC; Aminiel, 25.08.2017 15:08:08, if you open it, you can't see the aminiels post mainly which he put the latest version of the playroom on it and told what is new changes on this newest version, it starts with people's comments, so we will lose the main text of the post. Or maybe there is a way to see that, I don't know, if yes, please tell me how can I see the main text of the post in such posts?

8. AmineTrichine,

yeah right how it is a mess, pr is the first place I see dates separated with a dot makes it hard to read, so i jhust ignnore it. Some tts's spell that instead of reading it streight and that's really annoying. 1 8 dot 09 dot 2 0 1 7! Why doesn't it look like, 18/09/2017, as it is in most of the other programs or games.

9. Nikola,

@ failboy currently, no way other than going to the site and reading. I agree that playroom client needs page switching for forums. @Amine well, in our language we also use dots that's why I didn't really find that to be a mess. TTS reading dates on it's own is one of the things that will make me not use it. People aren't stupid to not figure out dates by numbers.

10. Vojvoda,

I thought I am a lazy person but Big gun killed it. I am sorry because I ever thought that I am lazy.

11. AmineTrichine,

I am not saying I can not figure the dates by numbers, hey i can be dumb but not that much. i am saying it's really annoying as how it's right now.

12. Ferrumite,

@stevan owe, sorry. next time I will think before I say that I am lazy. :D as for the date thing, it can be done, but this new posts thing wouldn't be difficult to make, at leest not from the web side of things. not shure about the client side.

13. Nikola,

Well, I guess it could always be changed to something like 1. January 2017

14. play_romania1,

I see that the subject is changed. You speak about a nother.

15. Nikola,

I don't know what your posts on here are trying to say.

16. AmineTrichine,

the subgect was topics and is still topics

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