Improving the forum from Windows client

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1. Nikola,

Hi. Since playroom will move to v3, i'm assuming there will be a client update as well. It would be nice, if possible to add 2 things when you access the forums from the Windows client: 1. Displaying pages just like on the web. Currently, there is a limit on how many messages the client can display. I don't know what is it but it's not related at all to the pages on the web, as on the web it's 30. It would be great if we could switch pages on the client to read the entire topic. Either by pressing ctrl+left and right arrows, or simply adding items to the menu for previous and next page.
2. Editing messages: It would be great to be able to press either a specific shortcut, or the applications key on your own message and have an option to edit it. I know we can use the web version to do this, but why do that when we read the entire forum from the client and it's much faster?

2. Vojvoda,

Supporting this

3. fire-starter,

yup, fully supporting it

4. AmineTrichine,

Can't wait to see some people reply to this, "oh quit beeing a lazy ass and use the brouser". But i fully agree that the forum should be improved for the client.

5. Nikola,

Don't even bring up that point. I've clearly said everything in my first post for those that aren't lazy to actually read it. We can also use our browsers for permanent messages but they are in the windows client so yeah.

6. Everyone,

In my opinion, These are the two biggest shortcomings of the client forum currently, and I think it would be great if they could be fixed. +1 to this suggestion.

7. the-supreme-AI,

i agree with everything!

8. Ferrumite,

agree with everything from left to right. btw I think that we should have a way of deleting posts, you know, if you insulted someone by mistake :)

9. Dayan ,

Agree as well. And not of insulting but once I sent a permanent message and somehow ended up being posted at the forum... Oh... Alert... Bug detected, perhaps? :D

10. Nikola,

@big gun. The reason you mentioned is exactly why you can't do it.

11. AmineTrichine,

LMFAO ok, if you want to delete a post go to edit, and leave it full of exclamation marks. When they ask why, tell them it's cause there is no way to delete a post. BTW this is the only forum I sau in my life that doesn't have that feature! Like, wt...

12. Alicanto ,

I agree with the adding switch pages thing. It's not hard to code or at least I think so, but for example a huge list of posts would be monsterous for the poor client and it would certainly crash

13. StormProductions,

Fully supporting this. I'm never viewing the forum within the browser, the client looks better, I mean visually.

14. Nikola,

Amine, keep in mind 2 things. 1. This isn't a general what i don't like about the forum topic. This topic is clearly for these 2 suggestions. 2. There is a reason for this one not having some standard features of every forum like removing posts. Keep in mind that this forum is originally meant for suggestions and comments, as well as bug reports of the playroom. You can edit your messages if you said something in the wrong way, but you first of all should think about something before posting and then you wont have the need to remove it.

15. AmineTrichine,

As i said it's fine, I can do what I said previously if I wanna delete a post lol. I don't mean I should spam it, but replace it with something like this, "This post was deleted by the user". Look at what Diana said above, those bugs happen, and I would like to delete the message. Oh, I fucking can't, i spoiled half of my private life to the public. Oh holy shit dear god help. I know it's not needed but it's also dum as hell to not have a delete post feature.

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16. Aminiel,

It's too easy if you can delete your posts. You can just insult someone, let him react, and then delete your insults, then appreciate that he's banned and not you.

For the suggestions themselves, no, it's not so easy as it seems to be. It's not the first time that I have been suggested this. Perhaps soon, but it isn't on top priority for the moment.

17. Saniel_Morse,

Oh wait, but why isn't it soo easy? Generally speaking of the editing posts thing? To speed up things quite a bit you could create a script that replaces the old message with the new one. So it's like you edit a message, remove the previous content and paste the new one, but the computer is working in the backgrownd. Another way to achieve this is simpler I guess: you select a post to edit, you change the message and a new post is created, while the previous one is deleted. This can be somewhat annoying in certain situations, however...

18. Vojvoda,

Deleting your own messages is simply nonsense, not because someone would gett banned instead of someone else but people would play with it too much. I understand you want to edit your post but to delete it nah. Btw I believe helpers could still see history of what happened, so deleting would not help anything. Even on Facebook you can edit your comments but not delete them.

19. AmineTrichine,

LOL i don't care, you could still do it by editing posts. i'm gonna stop using permanent messages for now cause I'm scared. Not like there is something I'm scared of posting to the public, but i'm just saying, it happens.

20. Alicanto ,

I don't agree either with the deleting posts thing. Most of the sighted forums don't allow you to do so. Why would this? but the switching pages thing would be freaking great, with that in mind I agree with all that above. Sure, aminiel, for now it wont be a priority but it would certainly decrease the lazyness of some guys that keep reposting and answering something that was answered before, or at least that's what happens over the spanish evil side of the playroom

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