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YNWA 14 bastibasti,

My soundpack for Playroom

StormProductions 54 StormProductions,

voice chatt

RockyMountainRich 1 Nikola,

Regarding a new category forums for the tournaments.

MagicalKrrish 33 TrixaBella6666,

Helping out QuentinC's Gameroom

StormProductions 23 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Soundpacks for Playroom

StormProductions 1 bloodsharp,

Server is slow and laggy compare to the connection speed

Fawaz 4 Angelina-princess,

ican"t login the play room

merverella 18 StormProductions,

Saving tables, current limitation

Nikola 2 Ferrumite,

Turning off information.

avatar 26 StormProductions,

a suggestion for quiz party

TrixaBella6666 1 YNWA,

Translating QuentinC's Gameroom

StormProductions 1 Nikola,

Additional chat commands

Jeff-Rutkowski 15 Saniel_Morse,

Sound files for suddenly disconnected/reconnected

everyone 23 Alicanto ,

Improving the forum from Windows client

Nikola 19 Alicanto ,

Deleting a saved game

StormProductions 6 Aminiel,

possible bug/ bug fix for 1000 miles?

TheOracle 4 StormProductions,

loozers list/

Ferrumite 10 Aminiel,

a suggestions for topics

Ferrumite 15 AmineTrichine,

a request

play_romania1 9 play_romania1,

suggestion for the little exam

TheOracle 18 everyone,

blocking people without a reason

cork 29 diamond,

Arabic language support in playroom

qais.Alrefai 96 AmineTrichine,

Suggestion for tables menu

Nikola 10 the-raven,

A suggestion for french tarot

Cristina 0 Cristina,

new categories in quiz party?

TheOracle 16 YNWA,

a sugestion to the admins.

sanagui_dj 5 sanagui_dj ,

Suggestion for quiz party

Nikola 3 Fawaz,

Team Uno

shawnmays 3 shawnmays,


TheOracle 1 Nikola,

Banning without a fair reason.

Koo-loo-cheh 7 Koo-loo-cheh,

suggestion regarding stats for games

tyson 2 Joe-Ragland,

Bots in Spades

Joe-Ragland 0 Joe-Ragland,

Regarding 2 replies in a row on forums

Nikola 12 YNWA,

suggestion regarding spectators

helleon 16 Nikola,

language selection

SummerSun704 14 Dayan ,

Uno Timer

RedHawk 0 RedHawk,

Suggestion regarding f1 help system

Nikola 1 everyone,

Leaving discussions

Saniel_Morse 0 Saniel_Morse,

Some interesting things what I noticed in quiz party

Cristina 6 balasana ,

new games

george 65 RedHawk,

slashes instead of periods?

braille0109 11 Nikola,

6 takes tournament results (coffee, music, birthday cake and #12)

balasana 9 Badgirl,

A quick suggestion, a command to inform us of the current connected helpers /administrators, quiz validators etc

Sajad-Aliraqi 15 AmineTrichine,

6takes tournament (parings and rules)

balasana 5 UnseenFyre,

Friends Only

RedHawk 12 Muhammad_Hajjar,

an option for junking cards in rummy

tiny 6 tiny,

6 takes tournament at 13:00 GMT on June 10

balasana 27 Badgirl,

1 offer: offline version of room

tiny 14 Nikola,

A few suggestions for Quiz Party

Raki 35 HVACSalesman,

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