game rules not coming up on chess

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1. whozitken,

Hello I just now wanted to learn about chess. never played it before even on a braille chess board. CTRL f1 isn't responding anyone know why?

2. Vojvoda,

There are no rules available for chess

3. Nikola,

Aminiel, i think you need to make this consistent. Here is what i mean: In chess, there are no rules and when you press ctrl f1 nothing happens. I propose the client giving you a string that says rules unavailable at this moment. However, in the eternal second when you press ctrl f1 it opens a page which doesn't exist. I propose making it the same as chess until or if it gets rules.

4. Ferrumite,

agree with nikola here. About the rules, you can find them on vikipedia, but they are very complicated.

5. Nikola,

In the case of chess, most people who play it here already know how it works. Chess is very popular, and I don't say it's impossible, but starting as a good player without a real board in front of you isn't easy. Some people even find it hard to play and use a real board while playing.

6. Vojvoda,

However you can not learn chess in an hour like other games on playroom. You learn to play chess for ages.

7. rockstar2013,

It's not just chess which doesn't show the rules when you ctrl and F1 together, but there are other games as well, most notable of which, as far as I can remember, monopoly and battleship az well.

8. Aminiel,

The main difference is that, rules will never be available for chess; but for the eternal second, perhaps one day I will write the rules.

9. Nikola,

Sure, but that one day when you do write them you simply modify the game so it opens the appropriate page, though eternal second was just an example and it's more appropriate for games like battleship and chess.

10. StormProductions,

Or Monopoly.

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