1000 miles and the web client.

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1. Nikola,

Greetings. There are 2 issues in 1000 miles on the web client, which affect users playing using their smartphones, and especially Android players:

  1. A while ago, in an update to the server, a change has been introduced where pressing I speaks only your info, and shift plus I speaks info of other players. However, the web client was not properly updated and a button in the menu called view general state of the game still simulates the press of letter I instead of now switching to shift plus I. I propose having 2 buttons, view your status which would simulate I, and view general game state which should simulate shift plus I.
  2. Junking playable cards. On the PC, you can press delete or j to junk playable cards. On the web, you can access the context menu of a particular card to junk it. As far as I am aware, on iOS you can do this by tripple tapping a menu item, which if my assumption and memory is right from when i was using iOS performs a double click on an item for voiceover users. Talkback on Android however does not at present offer this, so when you are in a situation where you have cons sense you are forced to play your miles. I am not sure about the best solution for this one, but since you allow dragging players to switch teams, maybe performing a double tap and hold would be a good idea since that can be done perfectly fine on android, and is how we usually open additional menus for an item in applications. I am not sure on whether current Web APIs offer this possibility, but I leave that to Aminiel to investigate.
  3. Thanks for reading, and hope these 2 situations can be improved. I will be also happy to provide any beta testing if needed, since Aminiel does not use Android.

2. Aminiel,


Thank you for your suggestions.

As you effectively have noticed, your first point is an oversight. I should fix this soon.

For the second point, I need to investigate about what I could do. Thank you to point out that double-click is impossible with talkback.

3. Nikola,

Thanks for your quick reply. I've thought about it more and maybe you can have an option in the actions menu called junk a card. You could press it and afterwards it can ask you to select a card you want to junk. Maybe not the fastest way, but will work if you don't find any other solutions.

4. Aminiel,


I have added a new button to see your own info only, and changed the existing button to do Shift+I.

I have also tried to intercept long click and they should now behave like a double click. Tell me if it works.

5. Nikola,

Hello. Long clicking indeed works great in Chrome. Unfortunately the Web client works much better in Firefox and in there long click does not work, but you probably cannot fix that due to firefox's support for Talkback being implemented in a very weird way. In any case, the major drawback with using Chrome on Android with the web client is that for some reason talkback doesn't see the history at all. It does see the history heading, but it skips past it like it is just empty. Not sure if that can somehow be resolved, but the context menus are now accessible on Android so great job with that!

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