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61. the-supreme-AI,

yeah, but folder is that? oh, and i'll give you the client! tdv client, https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ck07qgc4cws2l3b/AACqibV060kSReaddrcLukxJa?dl=0

62. dzoni ,

Ok where is client in folder or?

63. the-supreme-AI,

no, someone mentioned the folder, the client itself can be downloaded ith no problem, i think, so download it and start playing!

64. dzoni ,

Where to fynd cliyent does ani bati now

65. the-supreme-AI,

i posted the link, go find it!

66. dzoni ,

Certain files in this folder are unavailable. For more information contact Dropbox support.

67. Nikola,

What a great mess this topic is with people requesting and giving incomplete links. I will repeat once more. Can you not get the file from here? https://codeload.github.com/munawarb/Three-D-Velocity-Binaries/zip/master

68. the-supreme-AI,

look! i never gave incomplete links, don't ask me if the links don't work, blame dropbox for that! like i said a while back, they're gonna get the thing from where ever! t s a out!

69. Nikola,

You can safely stop shouting and blaming dropbox. You have a web browser so the least you can do is test the links before sending them.

70. the-supreme-AI,

i give up on this, t s a out

71. Minionslayer,

i mean, you can get the game from AGarchive.net

72. Nikola,

You can get it from nowhere.com as well.

73. the-supreme-AI,

look! i've done all i could to make people happy, if your not happy by now, then i don't know what to do with ya!

74. Nikola,

No seriously, you're actually right. We both send like 5 links from where you can get the game, and people still ask for links which just shows the amazing lazyness.

75. the-supreme-AI,

i must say, with all the arguments we both had with each other, i am deeply sorry, but sure, if people are so lazy, why would they play this game if they want to be lazy, stay off this game, that's what i say, or don't keep asking for things you already got previousely

76. Nikola,

I don't even consider that as an argument. We just shared different ways of gettting the game, unfortunately in a lot of cases people don't even read the entire thread before replying.

77. the-supreme-AI,

totally agreed on that! so what should we do? should we just leave off these people who are soooooooooooooo lazy that they don't even read the entire threat before replying and keep asking for the link?

78. Minionslayer,

leave them! If they're too lazy to even read an entire thread, I say just leave them

79. Nikola,

In any case I do believe this thread has crossed it's original purpose a long time ago.

80. the-supreme-AI,


81. play_romania1,

Agreed too.

82. the-supreme-AI,

for those that have the client, enjoy it, for those which were lazy, well, just keep doing what your doing, fellas

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