wanna find some friends for help

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1. tiny,

hi to all of you!
i actually need some friends with perfect english. nothing special, i just need to speak basically. that's all. you can add and communicate with me. thank you

Ultima edizione da tiny, 07.05.2019 17:25:21

2. YNWA,

There is no such thing as perfect English as you have so many accents.

3. Lemonade,

That's also a very, very vague description of what you're trying to do.

4. tiny,

well, no there are some people who can speak just a little english. so, i just ment i wanna avoid some people with there too weak english. you see that many people can understand my topic but in terms of speaking, they can't speak a good language. and, all accents are cool i don't have any problem with that actually i love different accents. but anyway, i don't think it's too vague i just need to speak with some friends so i can find some new friends to speak and to improve my english as well. so to start with, we can add each other here and then share other things.
last but not least, i have to apologize because your right in some way, i'd better do a clear writing on this one.
thanks again

Ultima edizione da tiny, 08.05.2019 06:56:17

5. YNWA,

Fair enough you want to improve your english but that will be the same for those with a different level to you.

6. Pran,

You can
add me as your friend

7. tiny,

no that's alright. we won't have a heavy conversation at the first step. i think generally people don't talk so heavy with each other, but i'm always trying to learn more on something, even if that's too hard to understand. i actually faced with some hard questions that some native speakers didn't think so carefully in their life. anyway, we all can't understand somethings even in our language so we can ask and read and search all the time.

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