Suggestion for Hearts

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1. sopralto,

It would be great in hearts if we had a key command to announce who has already taken points in the round. For example, "player 1 13 points, player 2 5 points." This is very helpful for knowing if a player is trying to shoot the moo
n, as well as when players get replaced in the middle of a hand. This command is used on Blind Adrenaline by pressing V, and it's a great help. Thanks.

2. RedHawk,

Completely agree with this. Perhaps something like shift+s to learn about who had any points so far. Will make life much easier when trying to shoot the moon / prevent someone from doing so.

3. YNWA,

Part of the skill is remembering who has taken what, you only have to remember if someone has taken one trick, you are not 99-years-old so it should not be a problem.

4. Vojvoda ,

The point of card games is to memorise what has been played and who took what. If you would be playing this in real life, how would you press shift s? I am sure no player would let you look at his played or taken cards.

5. sopralto,

Thanks for the sarcasm Ynwa, as for the other comment, in real life you would also not be replaced in the middle of a game with no idea who took what.

6. YNWA,

Hearts is less complex so is easier to ask if someone has taken all the tricks. .

7. Vojvoda ,

Well noone forces you to take that spot, let bot play till the end of the round

8. sopralto,

My last point is this: we can see how many tricks people have taken in spades, which certainly could not be done in real life, why should hearts be different?

9. YNWA,

In some ways I understand your point and that is why I do support it a little and the same could be said for Bouillabase but part of the strategy is players forgetting that someone is taking all the tricks of the round. Spades is where most people are replaced because the game takes longer and played a lot more here. Spades you can do more by making people fail or taking more tricks than they need thus picking up sandbags.

10. Aminiel,


The feature exists in certain games, but in these games, points taken in tricks are counted immediately, i.e. they can't be lost afterwards. IN hearts it isn't the case, precisely because you can shoot the moon.

To answer some of the more specific questions asked in this topic: in spades, in real life, you can perfectly know where you are: just count how many cards you have in your hand.

For the more general topic, computer games of course bring additional confort that there isn't in real life. However, this isn't a reason for making the game easier.
IN the case of the game hearts, counting hearts and at least approximately who took what should remain your job. For the same reason, I won't add a feature to tell you how many trumps have been played in spades, tarot and other trick taking games; neither something that would let you know what you can/can't/should/shouldn't play. Otherwise you are taking away some (or sometimes most) of the game interests.

With the hope that you can understand the difference between bringing comfort, and oversimplifying games. The first is good, the second is bad.

11. Vojvoda ,

Thanks for explaining precisely what I was lazy to write :)

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