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1. Rory101,

hi all, I saw in 2012-2013 there was a quentin c playroom server application. It would be really neat if I could have this and a compatible client so I can play it faster, because my connection to the playroom here is very laggy (about 800ms ping) and it's practically impossible for me to play stuff like uno at an actual level. Even if it was just locally, I think it would be nice if I could do this locally, that would be just as cool.
If it is no longer available, then I apologize for the clutter.

2. StormProductions,

Yeah, that'll be neat. I mean you could have it hosted on your router and play with your friends or something...

3. Aminiel,


There have never been any publicly available playroom server application.

You perhaps think about the Connect4 I released near 2008-2009.
Since you can play Connect4 on the playroom, this separate Connect4 game has become de facto useless. As such, it is no longer maintained.

It isn't desirable to have such a publicly available server application, for several reasons:

Look at other audiogames that can be played online with decentralized servers and see the problems they have: things like Alice can connect to Bob but Cedric can't; meta-server desynchronization; etc. That's a lot of frustration and time waste...

Keep this in mind: if a community has been able to form around the playroom, and if that community has been able to go much beyond just games, that's because it took place on a centralized server.
Although topspeed, SoundRTS, Crazy Party and many other are excellent games, they can't really form a community that go far beyond the game. Those which worked are centralized, starting with the audiogames.net forum.

I like open source software a lot, but for an online game like the playroom, I really believe that it can't work.

4. Rory101,

oh I think I understand now, when you said for example version 2.0 of the server is available, you meant that the game's server was updated. are there any new games coming out in near future btw? havnt seen one in a while.

5. Aminiel,

I don't give news in advance, partly because I don't really know myself. Something is released when it's ready, that's all. Keep coming regularely and you will see.

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