the best way to host a turniment

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1. unolover,

i want to host aturniment on the playroom and i would like to know what is the best way to do it can u tell me

2. YNWA,

There is no best way, just hard work. Observe what other hosts do and take something from that and add your own ideas.

3. unolover,

thanks would u be able to help

4. Vojvoda ,

He can not help you, first step is to show up to your own tournaments, or no, to show up to other tournaments so people can take you serious.

5. YNWA,

You have not listened to the advice I gave you. Maybe I forgot a bit more which is know your own limits.

6. Aminiel,


The french helper team has posted a message explaining the basics to organize a tournament. I think it could also be useful for you. I have translated it quickly below.
Note that this is a quick translation, some of the points may not apply for the english part as they do for the french part.

Originally posted by Flanelle

Here's a quick topic for an optimum host of a tournament:

  1. Choose the game and its rules
  2. Always check the time taken by a game with the chosen options (with bots for example), and don't count too thight because setup, well communicate the chosen options, table composition, manage last minute replacements or absences, connection issues, for example, can take quite some time.
  3. According to point 2, choose the number of days and timetable, so that it doesn't last for too long
  4. Choose date and time
  5. Choose the total number of participants, knowing that you are going to eliminate players ongoing; you should always be able to make tables with the same number of players
  6. choose the number of players at each table, how many will be eliminated at the end of each round, etc.
  7. AFter having established all that, go post your tournament invitation on the forum. The invitation must contain all the points mentionned above, otherwise your topic will be closed

We advise you not to be alone to organize your tournament, because it's very hard to manage everything in the fire of action; as well as start with small tournaements with 16 participants, so to better handle the unexpected.
By the way, there are several radio animators on the playroom, often ready to help as well as have a good evening. Don't hesitate to keep informed; you may ask it in your topic.
IF you have already heard of some radios, don't hesitate to send a message (private or permanent) to the person responsible of them.
Well, a radio isn't at all an obligation, but it becomes much easier and faster to pass information.
Suming all that, you ahve everything to organize a successful tournament !

7. unolover,

thanks fore the help

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