Week 4, Uno League 2017-2018.

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1. MagicalKrrish,

Hello guys,

A few information before week 4 match's. Bare in mines that H-M-C-Z has been replaced by Mayank who decided to come on board, Mayank will carry on with his match's from week 3. Vijvoda has pulled out for some reasons and requested that Nikola should take his place, therefore, Nikola will play all other match's of Vijvoda and carrying on the points which he had.

I hope this is clear so please contact Nikola now and onwards, instead of Vijvoda.

without further a due, these are the match's of week 4:

MagicalKrrish V Me-me.
MagicalKrrish V keywasful.
MagicalKrrish V Policeman1.
Yazan V waternymph.
Yazan V Dalibor.
Yazan V guliwer.
Nikola V Cristina.
Nikola V Marina7.
Nikola V Flavyanu.
Waternymph V il_bell_ragazzo
Waternymph V Adventure-time.
Dalibor V il_bell_ragazzo
Dalibor V claudiu.
Dalibor V Keywasful.
Angelina-Princess V Flavyanu.
Angelina-Princess V Midomidomido.
Angelina-princess V Ashraf.
Everyone V Guliwer.
Everyone V il_bell_ragazzo
Everyone V me-me.
Guliwer V Bastibasti
Guliwer v Marina7.
Bastibasti V Adventure-time.
Bastibasti V midomidomido.
Bastibasti V Ashraf.
Claudiu V Cristina.
Claudiu V Marina7.
Cristina V Flavyanu.
Cristina V ecxtasygirl.
BadGirl V Trixabella666.
Badgirl V Flavyanu.
Badgirl V EcstasyGirl.
Me-me V ecstasyGirl.
Trixabella666 V Adventure-time
Trixabella666 V Ashraf.
Cristina V Policeman1.
Marina7 V Policeman1.
Mayank V trixabella666.
Mayank V Bastibasti.
Mayank V Me-me.


Few players playing 4 games and others 3 games. Fawaz has requested for week off.

If any queeries feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Uno league team.

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2. keyWasFull,

I think I only am playing 2 games

3. MagicalKrrish,

sorry keywasful, thank-you for pointing that out, your 3rd match is with waternymph.

Kind regards,


4. midomidomido,

hey, i found only two matche for me

5. MagicalKrrish,

hello, sorry mido, you will play dalibor for your 3rd match, thanx,

Please bare in mines me and fawaz has decided that mayank will start off from week 1 apart from the match which he finished and that was with policeman1.

So who ever got free ride might have to fight for that one point again.

any questions feel free to drop it.

Kind regards,


6. Ashraf,


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7. BellaCat6666,

Ashraf what time do you usually come here? Not sure if i spelled your name correctly.

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