Results of round 1 of Uno league

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1. Fawaz,

Hey everyone,
Since we're concluding the first round of uno league, some matches which aren't played we just raised the number of matches and the points gone to no one, because we couldn't decide to give the points to who since both didn't show up.
despite having 3 weeks to finish less than 10 matches, a few players didn't make it, otherwise all went quite well.
best of luck for the second round and don't forget to inbox the results to fawaz and magicalKrrish.
and all the players have 24 matches, except those I mentioned the number of matches.
adventure-time, 22.
mayank, 19.
marina7, 18.
everyone, 17.
yazan, 17.
guliwer, 15, (23 matches)
extecy girl, 15.
nikola, 13.
bastibasti, 13.
midomidomido, 13.
fawaz, 12.
magicalkrrish, 12.
keywasful, 12.
flavyanu, 12.
dalibor, 11, (18 matches)
il_bell_ragazzo, 10.
policeman1, 9.
ashraf, 9.
waternymph, 9.
angelina-princess, 8.
claudiu, 8.
me-me, 7.
badgirl, 6.
trixabella6666, 6.
cristina, 2.

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2. BellaCat6666,

So I haven't seen anything for any matches this week. Is this one of two weeks off for Christmas and New Year? I cannot remember what y'all said in the form about that.

3. Everyone,

That would be nice, then maybe I can still find Ashraf.

4. Nikola,

There was a topic for week 9 matches. and now the one for 10 as well.

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