2018 Spades tournament draw

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1. AjsNigrutin,

Hello dear participants here is the draw for this Saturday's and Sunday's Spades tournament at 4 pm UK time.
group 1:
Andkuk and Gromovnik
Magicalkrrish and Guliwer
Nikola And Dalibor
group 2:
Me-me and Doubletrouble911
Cristina and Aurel
Chipss and Lino
group 3:
Policeman1 and Sirene
Marina7 and Fawaz
Ilhan and Missestrellavega
group 4:
Karine and Alli
Bastibasti and Zullfqar007,
AjsNigrutin and Serbian
For more informations about rules and format of this tournament check our previous post.

Good luck to all of you

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2. musiclover,

i did not get put in

3. the-raven,

Hey, are we excluding people here? because it seems to me that a lot of those who actually signed up aren't put in

4. AjsNigrutin,

Musiclover sorry but you almost don't know the rules for this game, and Nicolae01 deleted his account so I could not count him in. Also one person did not want to accept my friend request and I also was unable to message him so I could not put him here. That's all.

5. the-raven,

thank you, just wanted to make sure

6. musiclover,

i do know the rools

7. AjsNigrutin,

Here is your statistics for spades: • Score: -1.4 points/round [

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