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1. Nikola,

Hello everyone.
I think it would be nice to be able to pause quiz party game like other games. This can be done either after a question is answered, or after someone chooses a category and the 5 seconds period starts.
The reason i think this would be nice is because right now, quiz party doesn't have any sounds that a question has appeared. If you are typing a message, you might miss a question. Also, when someone disconnects you can pause the game until the person is back.

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2. YNWA,

If it is your turn you just don't pick another category and that effectively pauses the game. I think we would have to have rounds in Quiz Party for it to be paused as Aminiel is not keen on people just pausing it when they wanted in the middle of a game/round.

3. Nikola,

I didn't say pause it whenever you want, for example that would not be allowed during the thinking time. You are allowed to do it either while you wait for a question, or when the question has been answered which is effectively like having rounds.

4. Fawaz,

Will be even better if there is a tone when the question appears.

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