Server is slow and laggy compare to the connection speed

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1. Fawaz,

mostly what I am going to say can be noticed when playing Uno.
Usually when I play uno I switch to another LTE connection, the least speed it gives 9MBPS mostly higher. and the other connection I have (home connection) also High however, on the first connection Usually the PR faster for me, but
In the last few months (still faster) but slow and laggy compare to what it has been in may or so, if I remember correct, once it got slow in may then again became fast or before may, then by end of the May it got slow again then never got fast again unfortunately.
After May untill now when playing uno always and always get this "didn't choose the right card" or something similar, which when it was fast almost I never see it.
Also I noticed people from Europ mostly don't have much Issues (I'm from middle east).
may be because of geographical distence, but still why I decided to post this here, because I remmeber still how it was fast before.
only once got slow for few weeks then when It became fast again I remember playing Uno around 6 games straight, hopefully will be fast again, if anything can be done about it.
best regards.

2. StormProductions,

For me it's laggy sometimes, but my net is baddy.
But when my net is OK, the server works just fine.
I think this is geographical distance causing this.
I hope Aminiel comes with a better reply than I did. :D

3. me-me,

yeah, what fawaz says is true. server got slow this last period so would be great if something could be done on it.

4. Ferrumite,

Here it's quite ok, It's most likely the distance from the server and stuf

5. Angelina-princess,

Yeah agree! I also have in common with you guys that server has been quite laggy recently. First I thought it was due to my connection. However, after I did some ways such as reset or even changed the modem, it still lagged so bad.
It has lasted several days and that's really awful; Especially when we are participating in uno league.
I'm just wondering that whether the admins should try to test and do something to fix it? That'll be truely make sense & high appreciate!
Thank you with best wishes, Angelina!

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