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1. YNWA,

I am not sure it is a good idea having quiz party set to 10 seconds. If there are long questions and I know there are some it means that people will not be able to hear the question in time. Some people have hearing/language issues and could be discouraged from playing Quiz Party. I know we don't want it too long as some people could be tempted to Google but I think 10 seconds is far too short. 15 or 20 is good in my opinion.

2. george,

You tell right.

3. Muhammad_Hajjar,

Totally agree.

4. policeman1,

If you are a type person that see the key words to answer the question ten seconds is not that bad.

5. Nilla,

I agree, but also it's up to the table master how long will the time limit be.

6. Everyone,

If you don't like the short limit, take it up with the TM. I always see the limit being 15 or 20 seconds anyway, so I don't see why it needs to be changed server side. It's like saying uno with interceptions or a thinking time limit of only 4 seconds should not be allowed because some people can't work in their heads fast enough, or have a slow internet connection. Let 10 seconds stay for those who want it, and if there are some players on a table who have problems with it, they can work something out.

7. YNWA,

Uno is a test of speed and not intellegence, you have to be a very fast player to win games of Uno and there are some very fast players in the Playroom. If people play Quiz party at 10 seconds then Quiz party will become a game of chance. A game of chance was the major reason Aminiel gave for not accepting the Pot luck category even though all questions would have been at a high standard. It is true that it is up to the table master to select how long each question should last for but the question is what type of Quiz Party do people want. There are some questions that are too long for just 10 seconds no matter how fast you set your screenreader.

8. Everyone,

And again, nobody is forcing you to play with 10 seconds. Just like nobody is forcing you to play uno with interceptions. I'd like to know where your assessment that uno is a game of speed comes from, because the original rules certainly don't have anything to do with speed. The extra rules were implemented here, and a large number of players embraced them, but there's also plenty who don't care for them but still play uno. Not many people play uno with the buzzer rules activated either, and almost nobody plays with the 0/7 rule. But if some players want to use those rules, they are still fre to do so. I'm sure there are similar examples in other games as well.

9. TheOracle,

I always set it to 30 or above.

and that's okay because when everyone's answered, the clock stops anyway

10. helleon,

Agree with Ynwa: 10 seconds is simply not long enough.

11. Ferrumite,

well, I don't see why should we remove it. When everyone answers the time stops so even if it's set to 30 seconds for example the game can get at the normal speed.

12. EbonyVelvet,

I think the way it is is fine, but I also think that there should be an option to not have a time limit. Then maybe add in an option to alert users that they have not yet submitted an answer. and after a certain number of alerts that person is forced to use an abstension. Game master could decide a maximum limit on how long someone could sit idle and not answer a question, and then after that time limit, the person is forced to use an abstension. But 10 seconds is too short.

13. helleon,

Forgive me, but what is the difference?

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