Insufferable Bugs

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1. Hayden,

I have tolerated the holdem bugs to a point, but I have become completely fed up with the laziness inherent in the programming here. The bugs in question are the definition of trivial, and yet zero effort has been made to fix them. I was playing a game of poker tonight with pocket aces in my hand, the board had an ace and two fours, correctly giving me a full house. Then comes the third 4...and the ridiculous piece of junk exchanged my house for 3 aces. I am a member of a chat site which uses holdem for a competition, and such bugs are unacceptable. They create an atmosphere in which nobody can play legitimate poker, as hand after hand is incorrectly evaluated. Bottom line, there is no reason why this sort of idiocy is not rectifiable. Chess suffers from the same mind-numbingly ludicrous bugs, and the same amount of effort has been made there to rectify them.

2. Everyone,

How common are bugs like these? I don't hear of things like this too often, but they must be pretty common if they cause such an outburst.

3. Nikola,

Oh here we go, more of this stuff again. If such lazyness is unacceptable, you can always create your own poker game and not be lazy so we can all see how easy it is to program and fix all bugs especially so very well explained, and with no game history or anything provided. For your reference, you might want to read an old topic which was posted a long time ago, but is still very actual and should be read whenever you think that a bug should instantly be fixed and it can be found here:

4. Hayden,

Your definition of "instant" is interesting. These bugs have been present for years and have never been fixed. Also, the argument of "do it yourself if it is buggy" is more than absurd. I play on this site with the expectation that the games are playable and for the most part bug-free, the same expectations anybody would have of a piece of software. You cannot capture all bugs, that is absolutely true. But their total absence in any other chess or poker program I have played is as much evidence as anything that these are absolutely fixable given a modicum of effort.

5. Ferrumite,

one thing that I am going to say, forcing the developer or indeed insulting his coding skils because he hasn't fixed a bug can only decrease your popularity. you could have said it ok the first that you found those bugs, including history and any other data, and we would have no drama. No bug is easy to fix, point is, that the actually pr source has quite a lot of lines, even if seperated into seperet files. don't think that I know something about the source or anything, I am just guessing. Back on topic. the bigger the source code, the more difficult the bug can be found, so you all need to have some patients.

6. Nikola,

So, let's get it straight: The bug was here for years. Where is a topic reporting that bug properly? Even this one isn't a proper report but rather someone going mad at the developers. To judge someone's programming skills, you must know programming and know this source, which noone does. Also, before throwing your false points instead of saying things like chess has bugs, saying those bugs is much more helpful than that. Not to mention how this is all provided for free unlike most poker games where you would play for real money, so I hope they are at least less buggy and also perfectly accessible like this one here.

7. YNWA,

Any individual can only do one thing at a time, I am guessing that Aminiel is spending most of the time on PR3 and ensuring as few bugs appear in PR3 when its released. If you do find bugs you should report them either on the website or the usual procedure by sending the game report. I have reported bugs in the past and they have been fixed so don't think they get ignored. I am not going to go overboard as some like to here so will leave it at that!

8. Hayden,

The chess bugs I have mentioned in the past, and the holdem bugs have been mentioned by other parties as well. Also, the fact is that I do know a little something about coding. When you undertake a project, no matter its size, you have some obligation to maintain this project. My primary frustrating at this point stems from the fact that despite myself and others mentioning bugs in the past, they have either been completely ignored or written off as inconsequential. Being able to illegally castle in chess is hardly inconsequential.

9. Nikola,

So, illegal castling is mostly fixed in chess. It can happen in some cases, but saying illegal castling is not enough for it to get fixed and with saying that you've proven you don't know so much about coding. When you send the position in which it can happen, then it might be fixed and not ignored. I've done so in the past and those situations no longer work. Chess is a complex game and saying hey i had illegal castling or playroom didn't see checkmate is for sure not enough.

10. Everyone,

I have not seen any of these reports for literally months. I'll freely admit that I probably miss a whole bunch of stuff, so perhaps you could clear some things up by pointing me to a topic where this bug has been mentioned? I will be happy to retract this statement if you do this.
But if you're unable to do this, then perhaps you are complaining a little too loudly, and that is probably a huge understatement.

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