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1. moshedr,

when i am rolling the dice, and for example the combination is: 5, 4, i cant move the dice from square 13 direct to square 4, i need to do it with two steps.
my question is:
why i cant do it in one step?
best regards.

2. the-raven,

if you're not allowed to move from either 13-9 or 13-8, you can't move from 13-4. this is why you can't move from 13-4 directly, regardless.

3. Aminiel,


Direct moves like this aren't allowed for the reason explained by the-raven.
Even with a real board, you have to do it in two steps, at least in theory.

Consider the pathological case: if all squares from 18 to 24 are taken with two tokens each, you are totally unable to play if you have a captured token; even if you do 6 6 and if square 13 is free.
This is a well known strategy to block completely your opponent, if you manage to build it...

4. YNWA,

Gammon is excellent already, I would only make 1 change.

Player A takes one of player b's tokens so player B is asked to roll the die as it is their turn. Player B is asked to roll the die even though squares 1 to 6 are covered with 2 or more of player a's tokens. I think it would be better if the computer says you are not able to play as it does in cribbage and player b's turn is skipped until it is possible for player B to play again.

it should read like:

It's Player a's turn
player rolls 3 and 4
Player A moves the token...
Player A moves the token...
it's player b's turn.
Player B is unable to play.
it's player a's turn.

at the moment it says:

It's Player a's turn
player rolls 3 and 4
Player A moves the token...
Player A moves the token...
it's player b's turn.
player B rolls 5 and 6.
player B is unable to play.
it's player A's turn.

I don't think you should be asked to roll the dice when you are unable to play.

if square 5 was free or had one of player a's token's on it then that would be ok as it is possible for player B to play.

5. the-raven,


6. bogdanmuresan,

Hello. The game is good. I like it. The only problem that I find is the table. It will be great if the table is turned if you play with black. For example the two black checkers must be on your left side.

7. Mazdak ,

I have a problem with this game either, durring the play, if I minimise the playroom or if I press alt tab to navigate and move between opened windows or move to any of them, or if I press the windows m command to move to the desctop, in summery, if I decide to not being in the playroom window for a couple minutes for any reason, after backing here again, the game crash's, so I won't be able to continue my playing anymore, I have no way except closing the playroom window and reopen it, and after doing this forcing action, the game I was playing will be abandond and it won't be available anymore. I have this problem with backgammon only, and I did not found any way to solve this issue untill now. Probably this is my windows issue, I don't know. But if this is a bug, I do hope it will be fixed. Regards.

8. YNWA,

There is an issue if people have a skype call or even reply to a text, i am not sure. apparently there is a command you can use to prevent that from happening. Snowflake did tell me As Alesia had this issue but I forget now.

9. Ferrumite,

try pressing f11. Does player crash like a not responding thing or what?

10. Nikola,

Hi, this is a bug with all grid based games. 2 solutions: 1. Press alt m, and the grid should appear again. 2. Go to options by pressing f10, choose reading and appearance and then customize fonts and colors. In there, press enter on disable menu colors and that will also fix it.

11. YNWA,

ah that was it alt M! Snowflake did say but I had forgotten.

12. Aminiel,

Note that this focus bug with all grid-based games is fixed in version 2.2.8 of the client.

13. Nikola,

Oh nice to hear. Why don't you make 2.2.8 official then?

14. moshedr,

i am sory but i am not understood the anser, i will give another example: i am start the game, i roll the dice and the combination is 5, 2. i try to move the dice direct from square number 13 to square number 6, the square number 11 is empty, and in the square number 8 there are my tokens. still i cant move my token direct from square number 13 to square number 6. i hope that this example discribe better my problem.
best regards.

15. Ferrumite,

you have to first put it on eather 8 or 11, then move the last move from there.

16. moshedr,

i know that i can do it, but my question is, can i move direct from square 13 to square 6 with the combination 5, 2.

17. Ferrumite,

noep, someone said it all reddy

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