Please help! Looking for windows client .exe file

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1. Maya,

Hello all. I was going to download Windows client (.exe) file for a friend, but I wasn't able to find it on the site.
Do you know why it has been removed?
Please, would anyone help me to get it from somewhere if possible?
Thank you very much for your help in advance.

2. Mazdak ,

Hello, go ahead and try it from here. This is direct link:

3. Maya,

Wow, thank you very much. May I ask you how did you find it? Thanks again.

4. Nikola,

Don't know how did you get the impression that it is removed from the site as the link works just fine.-

5. Maya,

I was just asking whether it has been removed from the site or not, because when I opened the site, I just could not find it. I also asked a friend for help and she did not find it as well, so that's why I posted a question here.

6. Nikola,

I see. It is on the site, under the quick links heading

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