Solved: Quite urgent: Our SSL is broken, at least for me

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1. Nikola,

Hello to everybody and especially Aminiel. If anybody is using the 2.2.8 version of the client and can't access the playroom anymore, it looks like SSL certificates are failing and to connect, you need to select the non secure connection from the server combo box. Here is the relevant debug info for Aminiel:
Connecting to using secure connection...
before handshake TLS error = 0: NULL
after handshake TLS error = -1: certificate verification failed: certificate has expired
tls_peer_cert_provided = 0
tls_conn_version = NULL
tls_conn_cipher = NULL
tls_peer_cert_subject = NULL
tls_peer_cert_issuer = NULL
tls_peer_ocsp_cert_status = -1
tls_peer_ocsp_crl_reason = -1
tls_peer_ocsp_response_status = -1
tls_peer_ocsp_result = NULL
tls_peer_ocsp_url = NULL
Connection error code: 59695
Exiting app main loop
Saving config...
Connection closed !
Closing BASS...
Closing WSA socket runtime
Edit: It is fixed in the latest reboot, thank you!

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