Texas Holdem: Potentially Game-Ending Bugs for Players

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1. JLove,

There are three bugs which can potentially knock a player out of a game, or at the very least do affect the hands. The first bug is when a player has a house, if a set (three of a kind) occurs on the bottom pair, the house goes away and the player is left with only the three of a kind. For example: A player has Ace and nine. The first three cards on the table are ace, ace, nine. Now the player has a full house, aces over nines. Let's say the next card on the table is a nine. Now there are three nines on the table. However, the player also has three aces. In holdem, the player still has a full house, aces over nines. Here, however, the full house is taken away, and the player is only left with three aces. This is incorrect in holdem. Let's say that another player has ace 8, they are then showing full house nines over aces, which means that they would beat the first player, even though that player is supposed to have a full house of aces over nines. This bug should be fixed, since it can definitely affect the outcome of play.
The second bug is that hands are sometimes decided by six cards instead of five, which is never the case in Holdem. If I have ace 9, and another player has ace 10, and the cards dealt on the table are ace, king, king, queen, 10. That pot in holdem would be split, since both players show aces over kings, two pair, and kicker is a queen (totaling five cards). However, this bug makes it so that a sixth card is checked, my 9 versus the other player's 10, and the other player wins the entire pot. Again, six cards are never counted in holdem, only five.
One last bug: If the blinds are 10,000, and I have 9,000, instead of letting me pay the 9,000 and continuing the hand, it just takes me out of the game completely. This is incorrect, as is proven by the saying, "A chip and a chair," in the WSOP. In other words, even if the blinds are more than I have in my stack, I simply have to go all in, and the same all-in rules apply.

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