some bugs in Poker Texas Hold 'em

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1. qball42,

I have had two problems on occasion while playing poker. One that happens a lot is that, when the best card combination for all players remaining is in the flop, the player with with the least powerful cards takes the pot. Most commonly this seems to happen when there are two people remaining when the rest have folded. So, for example, I am holding a queen and a 3 and my opponent is holding and ace and a 4 and the flop contains a 2, 7, 8, 6, 7, and jack. In this case my opponent should win, but what has been typically happening is, the player that is in my situation, with cards of lesser value, wins. I have not yet seen a case where someone with weaker cards wins if part of the winning combination is held in their hand, but when the flop contains the best combo and it comes down to the value of the cards in the players' hands, that problem keeps happening.

Another problem that I see less of but still occurs at times has to do with the all-in feature. At times, when the pot is split when, again, usually only two players have gone all-in, the main pot is won by the player with the weaker combination and the player with the stronger combination gets the secondary pot. I have seen this one much more rarely, but it still is happening at times when i have played and greatly and unfairly thrown it.

I appologize if you were already aware of these bugs, but I thought I would make you aware because I thoroughly enjoy the Texas Hold 'em table. Keep up the great work.


2. Aminiel,

IN fact these two bugs have the same origin. When the best combo is in the flop, then the round is draw, regardless of what you have in your hand. It means normally that the pot must be shared. However, I'm aware that in some cases, draw rounds are not detected properly, and in this case the winner is somewhat random. The bug is known but has not been solved yet.

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