Favorite tea!

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1. Everyone,

Alright guys. Since people have taken it upon themselves to complain about useless topics in the tea room, I think its about time to make those people happy and create a topic which stays very close to the name of the room! So, what kind of tea do you like?
I actually like a lot of different kinds... Cinnamon is definitely in there, as well as lemon, mint, melon or also just earl grey and fairly generic flavors like those. However, some kinds of tea are better at certain times of the day, for example I don't really like mint tea for breakfast but it is great in the afternoon or evening.
But of course there are so many flavors that I'll probably have forgotten a whole bunch. So now its your turn!

2. Kotoamatsukami,

Hello, I don't know how to say it in english, but in my language it is called mountain's tea. That is definitely my favorite. And I find this topic quite useful, we learn more about each other.

3. Mayana,

My favorite ones are camamile and mint. I don't know how people can drink tea with milk, for me that tastes awful. Tea is the best with a spoon of honey, a lemon helps if you are sick. In my country, most people only drink tea when they are sick, it's not as much of a every day activity, for that is coffie.

4. bogdanmuresan,

Hi. I like green tea with cinemon and a small amount of gimbir.

5. the-raven,

my favorite is peach tea, even though I drink almost anything when it comes to tea

6. Adventure-Time,

One tea you seriously should not miss is the strawberry & aloevera iced tea. An interesting thing I noticed is that you either praise this drink to the skyes or you hate it. Most of the people around me rather belong to the hating club, but we who are loving it can't stop buying these bottles. As for the natural teas, black tea's my favourite. No milk, no sugar, honey works but lemon is my choice. I love trying new kinds though.

7. Everyone,

I never heard of the strawberry iced one. We do drink tea even when we are not sick, but a lot of people like coffee too. I am not one of them, however. Tea with milk is weird and blah, honey on the other hand is awesome.

8. Fawaz,

I like green tea sometimes or red while chatting with friends,
But milk tea with extra sugar all the way!

9. majoz,

Totally agree with the milkytea with extra sugar. :D

10. Dayan ,

For me, every kind of tea. Just with not much sugar. :D otherwhise I've not problems at all. Though is not like I know all of them, because I don't. I wonder how the milkytea tastes like. :D

11. Coconito ,

Yellow. Tea is rather popular in Iraq, so nothing to say :D it's our original drink. I'd drink whatever kind of tea that is, specially in morning, or summer at afternoon, that's where we usually drink. Though, there are people who are undeniably addicted to drinking tea in my country, one drinks 6 cups per day and says it doesn't do anything. :D

12. HVACSalesman,

Long Island Ice Tea is the best, but you can't drink it if you're under the age of twenty-one! Too bad, so sad. When you reach that magical age, the best way to drink it is to slam it! IT! WILL! ROCK! YOUR! WORLD!

13. Adventure-Time,

Goddamn yoooo! Sounds very energetic. Need to give that one a shot, as well as the milk with sugar. Me and milk rather can't stand eachother but perhaps the tea and sugar could hold us from battling. We'll see.
As I already mentioned, I love experimenting and trying various kinds of tea around the globe. I remember once I had a very unique Chinese tea with an interesting flow. A smoke sort of smell was coming out of it and the tea tasted indeed a bit like some smoked meat. Know it sounds too weird but it was amazing. Too bad I forgot the name of the tea.

14. Everyone,

That is weird... My cousin brought back some tea from India as well with all kinds of herbs, and it was... interesting. And not in a bad way.

15. afrim,

Mine is surely the Strawberry tea. Be it cold or hot, it is always welcomed by me, anytime. I normally drink it hot in the winter and we buy bottles of cold strawberry tea in the summer, which I empty in minutes.

16. sound2,

Long island ice tea? sounds interesting, I wonder what is inside it? As a rule I don't drink tea or coffee, but I do like catnip tea. It has a minty flavour and you feel relaxed after drinking it.

17. Jeff-Rutkowski,

This is what Wikipedia has to say on Long Island iced tea.
A Long Island Iced Tea is a type of alcoholic mixed drink typically made with tequila, vodka, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, which gives the drink the same amber hue as its namesake. It is so named because of the resemblance to the color of iced tea. A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and triple sec with 1½ parts sour mix and a splash of cola.
While it is called a Long Island iced tea, it doesn't actually contain any tea but I do agree with the previous poster, it is really strong.
If I have to drink regular tea, I absolutely love the sweet iced tea that McDonald's sells for $1 USD for a large cup and I love some of that apple cinnamon stuff as well.

18. Giovani,

I love tea from moroccan Mint and also, hibiscus tea too. Those teas are not missed with hookah. :)

19. balasana ,

I mostly drink green tea. I also like English breakfast tea, lovely with the little pastry in the afternoon.
Once had wonderful tea with milk at an Indian friend's place. Only milk does not mix well with the blends of green tea I usually drink.
Can't use sugar. It makes me tired later on. But honey is nice, it soothes my voice too.

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20. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Well here in Iraq we usually drink tea than anything else. However, that says we do not cherish coffee too much, and I prefer to drink green tea especially in breakfast. Some people drink tea after they are done eating, but for me I drink it while eating does not matter for me. And it makes the food be tasty. Only one thing is I do not like too much sugar

21. Giovani,

I love hibiscus tea, also tea from moroccan mint.

22. Sevrior,

I'm picky. I tend toward chi masala in the Nepalese fashion. I specifically can't do chi without a good dowse of black pepper to give it a burn on the back of the throat. I do alter it a bit though with cinnamon mixed into the chi leaves while steeping, and generally prefer to use a milk concentrate instead of standard milk for extra thickness.

23. jellygirl,

Mint. Blueberry is surprisingly good too...

24. Areyana,

in our country tea is a favorite ,and i almost drink green and also black, but i like coffee more, here they use to put sugar in their tea for breakfast, and most of them use tea for remove their tiredness

25. Mazdak ,

I prefer grean tea. I don't like tea much, though. Coffee or juce is better for me.

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