Special spiritual question

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1. Giovani,

Hi Playroomers.
Maybe some people things, this is not belonging here. Ofcourse, but I don't know, where to ask It.
One of my friend, which I know the best, She saied to me, that She would like to follow path of one true god. She maybe wants to convert. He mentioned one guide of this path, like The Chosen One. But, I don't know, what is It, if some movement, or what? Could You explain me those things? I would like to know something more about It and she was also worried and She doesn't told to me, what is The Chosen One. There are various religions in the world, also new movement, but I am not shure, what is It.
Thank You.

2. Ferrumite,

this depends. Don't think that I hate those who are religious or what ever, but I think that it's all boolshit. How ever, to answer your initial question. troof is, that the god will always appear in a different way, so we cant say this is the true god or this is one that had helped us before, because it's always changing it's form. That meens that it's always some good thing that drives us to the true god, But I am not that interested in Religion so I cant give you the 100% shure answer.
Kind regards

3. Sajad-Aliraqi,

The fact is that there are tons of religions around the world, but the truth is only found in one. I do not know how to put my ccomment without having to be racist or religious, but I follow Islam, others follow other religions and if they all comment there will be no point because it is going to be, this is my religion, come to it. And of course that is not suppose to be followed, but myself if she wants to be converted to Islam, or know more about Allah the God, I'm ready for that.

4. Vojvoda,

I personally think that the only one right religion is partysmus

5. Maldalain,

What is Partysmus?

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