An Apple watch discussion

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1. majoz,

Hey peeps! So, as this topic says, we shall discuss the apple watch here. I started this because I just got an apple watch for the last christmass and I'd like to ask out a few things, or to share some others with everyone who's got apple watch as well. My first question among apple watch is: Does anyone know how is it about the water proofness? I heard that it can survive sinking into the water up to 50 metres, yet I don't know what happens if you accidentally hit them and the water proofness can get somehow damaged. Does anyone of you know if Apple covers such accidents, or is it only your own risk? Thanks for all the posts below in advance, may we share a lot of great apple watch related stuff!

2. YNWA,

Sounds interesting, don't know how it works but i would say the 50m is a guideline, that I guess is more to do with pressure than the water. I know they have had waterproof watches for a long time but not an Apple one of course.

3. Vojvoda ,

It depends what apple watch you have, however it all stands on apple support, you can just search google for water resistance apple watch

4. majoz,

Yeah and that's exactly why I started a discussion here rather than searching on the internet, because some of you may have already some experiences with this.

5. Vojvoda ,

Well I mentioned the web because apple really described everything very good, first two series can be water resistant, up to 20 cms I think, you can wash hands with it but it is not recommended to be under shower constantly because guarantee does not cover it. however from serie 2 to 4 they can guarantee for showers, bathing and such

6. Fawaz,

Well ya, after second siries, U can swim, but I believe any damage won't be covered with guarantee unless you have apple care, but I know people using apple watch with swimming and had no damage.
still better to double check from apple website about guarantee.

7. majoz,

Thanks for clearing that up. The activity app has even the swimming excercise included so it must be truly designed for this. Also I m thinking about if to play goalball with it on hand or if that could cause any bad damages. What do u think? Does anyone have experiences with a broken watch, and if yes, what have you done to it? :D

8. Fawaz,

if you don't have apple care don't risk it, replacing screen is so expensive.
my self I use it at gym but not goalball.

9. Vojvoda ,

As Fawaz said it is very expensive to repair, but I don't think any goalball shoot would be able to break it. Though when I tried to play with watch on my hand it was quite uncomfortable.

10. YNWA,

I would not risk it, maybe the ball hitting it would be ok but if you collide into a post or bump into another person who can say. I did when playing cricket it a person on the wrist, his watch fell off but fortunately the pin broke and when I took it into a jewelry shop it only cost a small amount to have it repaired for him. A nastier delivery did break another person's glasses but I think that was because of the angle he held the bat.

11. majoz,

Thanks for the tips. Yeah u r probably right, not gona risk that since it is an expensive thingy. But could wear it till the warm up or some additional excercises are done. It's very useful for trainings.

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