1st april 2019 fool riddle for Egyptians

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1. Giovani,

I have for You fool riddle for 1st april day in 2019. Here is day of fools and It is special riddle for listeners of Egyptian, or Arabic music.
I have known two brothers. kan tayeb and Ye Douk El Bab.
Who is their father?
Thank You.

2. The-Queen,

that's a weird joke although I listen to Egyptian Arabic, I am not able to answer that. First, because it's weird, second, because who would create such a joke anyway?
If you could give me the answer then do so, by sending me a private or an inbox message.

3. Wiam ,

So the first one is named: he was good, and the second is: someone knocked on the door?
Honestly, I'm not sure

4. Vojvoda ,

I am actually not sure if the joke is finished or you have to give answer on it

5. Sajad-Aliraqi,

Kan tayeb=He was kind. While Ye douk al bab= knocks at the door.

6. Mohammedradwan2003,

i am egyptian, and this names are not in egypt as far as i know
how did you get them?

7. undertaker,

tamalli maak

8. Sajad-Aliraqi,

That's again one by Amr Diab

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