Eurovision Song Contest 2019 on TeamTalk

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1. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi everyone, I'm organizing an Eurovision party the 14th, the 16th and the 18th of May on TeamTalk. If you want to join me my private server. For more info, you can ask me and I will give you the ports and the server address. Thanks in advance, Pierpaolo Tieri.

2. YNWA,

Is the UK still in it or do they also need another extention?

3. RadioPierpaolo,

No it's another private server. If you want the server, contact me in private and I will give you the info.

4. helleon,

@ynwa I doubt it tbh, they seem to be bowing out of these things even though the date for Brexit has been extended again.

5. YNWA,

Pitty, was hoping we could save £10 on the licence fee!

6. RadioPierpaolo,

What's? This topic is for transmitting the Eurovision Song Contest not to talk of the Brexit.

7. YNWA,

In the UK we pay for a television licence, if not we could go to prison. A percentage of that licence fee pays for the Eurovision song contest otherwise there would be no competition. Some famous groups such as ABBA became famous but not so many now thanks to Eurovision. Now it is seen in the UK as a bit of a joke and less people are interested. I would be interested to know how people view it from other countries.

8. RadioPierpaolo,

How much does it costs in Italy the fee for transmitting the Eurovision?

9. helleon,

@ynwa Never knew Abba appeared on Eurovision. It's one of Ireland's only successes - I think we've won it 7 times I think, we've won it more than any other country anyways.

10. YNWA,

Eurovision started in the 1950s and the UK was part of the European Broadcasting Union. I guess you know of the BBC, that is funded by a television licence fee which any household that watches any TV has to pay. Blind people get 50% off and it is at the moment free if you are over 75. Part of that money funds Eurovision.

ABBA won in 1974 with Warterloo but did not make Sweden's selection the previous year believe it or not. Cliff Richard, Lulu and later Celine Dion also sang in this contest. Ireland were winners a lot in the 90s and it cost RTE a lot of money as they became hosts in successive years. I would not say Ireland arenot good at other things. Their Rugby team have some quality players and the black stuff is good too, not that I have had it for a long time.

If countries took it more seriously again then we could see some good talent and some more interesting original music.

11. RadioPierpaolo,

But webradios like that's my private radio I can transmit the Eurovision or not? How much does it costs for blind people the fee?

12. YNWA,

You can, but you are not from the UK as I did say. I think about £80 the cost but it may have gone up recently. There was a loophole that allowed via internet if not live but I think that was closed.

13. helleon,

Doubtless there's some free way to watch it online live at this stage, and yes our rugby team is good and our soccer team is OK! The black shtuff I don't touch but I'd say it's better than anywhere else's.
When the poster above yours mentioned watching the Eurovision for nothing online I was reminded of the Dodgyboxes/Dreamboxes. Don't know if they were/are big in the UK: Sky Sports/Movies and all sorts for something like £90 one-off payment

14. YNWA,

You miss the point, legally you have to have a TV licence to watch any form of TV. 1 licence covers one household.

15. helleon,

I get all that mate - we have it in Ireland also. I simply asked a separate question.

16. YNWA,

Eurovision is on BBC1 and they did have the semi-finals on BBC3 which is an online channel now but not sure if they do it now. The semi's was the reason Terry Wogan gave it up. I don't know how many acts take part now but there is a lot more European countries since the break up of the USSR and that is why they have the semi's. I understand there is a lot more tactical voting whitch puts off some people.

You can get BBC1 online through the Iplayer unleess they call that sounds now, lol.

17. RadioPierpaolo,

I will transmit online in TeamTalk the Eurovision and I will record in CDEx and I will put on youtube the streaming so if you want to comment with me you can.

18. helleon,

The UK is moving digital/online. It's great! Irish TV and radio anoraks are rather jealous of the whole business. DAB radio isn't even available in most of Ireland still!

19. RadioPierpaolo,

But what's the matter? We speak about Eurovision but you talked about UK and Ireland tv?

20. helleon,

You're right I suppose. It's slightly off-topic.

21. florianionascu7,

Hello everyone, I have a question. Will Romania participate this year?

22. RadioPierpaolo,

Yes. Ester Peoni with On a sunday sure!

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