hidden commands

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1. tiny,

hi. there are some hidden commands to do something, like send a chat on public room. now i hate those chats but what i'm going to say is, there are a few people who knows about that, they should be one of the admins. like this chat. mayank says: where are you in. but my curiosity is why they sometimes do that? do they want to show some knowledge on that kind of thing or something, or there might be other motivations which we don't know. just hope they don't enable those horrible chats again. anyway, d

2. Fawaz,

Marina and mayank are helpers, the chat is not disabled for them, these msgs coming sometimes because the master of table saves and restore the table while they sent the message. or they're being kicked haha!

3. Mayank ,

Hi. The chat in the main room is still disabled. As Fawaz said, The staff can still send messages. It sometimes happens that we accidentally write in the main room rather than to the intended recipient.

4. YNWA,

We have all sent PM's to the wrong person so this would be the same for helpers.

5. Pran,

Hi. I am looking for Games for Android. Please give me some good FPS titles. Thank you.

6. Skynet ,

Oh my gosh, I thought the spanish helpers were doing so to scare us off! Hahahaha. Anyways, thanks for clarifying, @mayanc

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