Farkle Tournament

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1. braillekid ,

Hi guys,

I'm delighted to say that I will be holding a farkle tournament on May 10th. You can sign up in various free tables that I will be creating with the topic "Sign Up For Farkle Tournament 10th May. Tournament starts at 2:00pm GMT. All the people who sign up will gather in 1 table, and 2 3 or 4 players will play at once, while the others will stay as spectators. As soon as everyone has played, the people who won those games will play one big game against each other, and the winner of that game is the winner of the tournament. I will be opening the free tables every evening before the tournament, for anyone to sign up or if any of yahave any questions. If you can'tget a hold of me in free tables, just private message me. Cheers,
Patrick AKA Braillekid

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2. sweet_selena_2000,

oh. it´s very nice, I can create tournaments also, thanks for I will be there, in yournament. thanks for the rtournament, I am happy to hear that. I am waiting for this the best moment. congratulations, and thanks for this tournament. ion 10th may, I will bbe in the playroom. thanks. have a nice day!idea

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