What is a channel on playroom?

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1. soundarya,

Hello, I have noticed something interesting with the hash, or number symbol.
If you for example write something like #testchannel test, you get the response no such channel exists.
So what is a channel in playroom, and what are the channels that are available here?

2. godfather,

me too, no idea what it is

3. Fawaz,

I believe it is very similar to group chat, but in private. so there can be channels for helpers they can communicate and channel for admins etc.
so group pms.

4. Nikola,

It would be quite nice if this was available to all users, of course without the ability to join helper/admin related channels just like it is now. I could see myself creating a channel to always be able to send a message to a few close friends, as well as creating a channel for users from Serbia to notify about new updates. Something like /newchannel name to create a new channel called name would be a good command, as well as an optional channel password. This could be a great feature, and I assume would not take too much coding to create except the password thing.

5. YNWA,

It is available to others, it is called a free table, you can invite whoever you want and they will only see the chat.

6. Riad,

You may be in a free table with the master away or something, I'm totally with making channels available to everyone like group PMs or something. The other possibility would be adding passwords to tables so that one who knows the password can enter.

7. DarthSidious ,

Ynwa, are you ever going to post something without a high amount of arrogance? It's actualy a good suggestion, but cause of your toxic negativity, nothing will be done. Seriously, stop man.

8. The-Chaos,

hey YNWA. there's something called consideration of a good suggestion and putting your views after that. learn that, please. and yes, I do agree with the channels thing. it'd let you group pm your friends who are in different free tables. :D

9. soundarya,

yes exactly, that is what i was thinking at first and thought if it was possible for us to create certain channels.
Similar to, but not exactly like an inbox, where it is very easy to send messages and the response is displayed as soon as it reaches the group.
So I agree with nikola.

10. YNWA,

a bit of it was a bit of tongue in cheek but as people have lost their humour, never mind.

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11. Fawaz,

It is just like free table, I mean private free tables, except that you can use it anywhere.
So I don't think new issues can come out of this since private free tables are there since long.

12. YNWA,

There are many issues with free tables so hope they aren't repeated.

Последнее изменение YNWA, 26.09.2019 22:17:59

13. Nikola,

Ynwa, can you not post irrelevant, off topic responses? Thanks. Forget the Serbian idea if it causes issues to you, that was not the point. By that logic we should disable all chats. Let me also remind you that to join a channel, you have to type a command. So let's imagine we create a completely French channel. If you type slash join french community, what do you expect to get other than French? So what's the issue? You have decided to join such a channel, it was not a spam of public French messages you cannot understand appearing at random. Please, ask for a clarification if you don't understand how something works instead of coming up with issues which do not even exist. In general, what I'm about to state is my own opinion, but when somebody is making a suggestion ask yourself how does it effect your use of the Playroom? Does it require you to change the way you do something or in general cause trouble to you? If the answer to these questions is no, in 90 percent of cases you should not bother disagreeing with it as you can simply avoid using it, in the same way you can avoid channels if they are ever to be implemented. Channels are different to free tables, as I said it would allow quick communication with people you choose and I assume nobody sits on a free table with their friends all day. Yes, this does mean there can be spam, but leaving a channel is very simple if you don't agree with the way it works. At first I did not want to make this too complicated, but similar to tables there could be a channel administrator who will have the right to kick members if needed, however in my personal opinion this isn't so needed because I would assume people are smart enough to share channels only with people they trust.

14. YNWA,

Ok one has gone a little wrong and I am sure you or others posting have never made errors in your life but it does not give some others and not you Nikola the right to be personal/rude in your comments.

You would still have the person who created the channel having full control so they would be the admin for their group as you get with permanent messages.

15. Nikola,

Telling somebody to stop posting off topic messages is not rude, or at least it would not have been rude if somebody said that to me. That being said, I appreciate you realized it was wrong. Now there's not much to add to the discussion except wait and see what Aminiel will think about it.

16. YNWA,

I said people are not supposed to be personal in their comments on the foram about people and there has been here. I.e. commenting on a persons character whatever you think or may not think of that person. It is fair to say their suggestion is bad or wrong but not remark on their character.

17. Vojvoda ,

Group pming would be definitely a good idea.

18. DarthSidious ,

Changing your post after seeing that nobody likes it, is a bad idea, Ynwa.

19. Nikola,

Wow, glad you noticed. Yes, that's a pretty silly move to make. Saying sorry for an error you made is enough. This is exactly the reason Aminiel does not like the edit function.

20. DarthSidious ,

LOL, just noticed it because I checked it only now. But I'm not sure if your style is any better.

21. Nikola,

I stand by my opinions even if they differ from other people, because that's what a forum is for. I edit posts when there is a mistake that needs clarifying, so not sure what that comment is about.

22. soundarya,

One of the reasons i support an idea of a private channel is that it does not have to be created over and over again, once it is created, and someone has the mastership, with a certain channel name and password others can join and stay there as long as they choose not to leave it, or the master removes them from the channel. this way it becomes somewhat like an inbox, which is more instantaneous. I have seen such system in many chess servers, where there are channels like kibitz, which is a communication channel between the players and observers in a game, whisper, which is a communication channel for the observers of a game, there are also channels like shout, which are public, which maybe impractical in playroom I can understand. but there are also private channels which certain communities, or people with similar interests use for communication. Similar facilities even exist in alter aeon. There are channels used for public chat like gossip, although that is not possible here because that requires a high level of moderation, but even new channels can be created, which may be password protected. Also, all the channels I mentioned can be turned on or off by an user, both in alter aeon and in chess servers.
Post edited due to a silly spelling error and a clarification at the end.

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23. YNWA,

You are not a helper Nikola so you have no authority on what people can and can't do. If I make an error I remove it and move on. There is no rule on the foram saying you can't delete posts. I did not abuse anybody so am free to do what I want with my post, that's why the edit option is there.

24. Nikola,

When did I say Ynwa you cannot do this or you will be banned? I clearly said that it is silly to do. Sure, you removed your error, but all the replies to your post now look like they were written for no reason to an outsider. I think you made one more error in reading my post though, so maybe you will edit it again.

25. Vojvoda ,

Will Liverpool take title this season?

26. YNWA,

Watch your language, you or your friend has already been warned. About title we have to go to Doha in December so fixture pile up.

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27. Aminiel,


Currently, channels are only used for administrators and helpers.
That's a great debate, whether or not they should also be available to everyone.

The big questions are always the same, it's essentially about moderation and potential abuses.

If we want to make channels available to everyone, we need first to set clear ruples on what is allowed or not, who can create/join/kick, who can see where you are, etc.
In fact it's quite complex, much more than tables, because you can be in many channels at the same time.

I understand the interest.
It's true that it could be interesting to have channels for specific topics, or for users of languages that don't have official translations.
I'll try to talk about that possibility again to other admins and helpers.

However, for globals like shout or goship, it's a clear and definitive no way!, because it would allow to work around the chat interdiction in the home room.
We have forbidden chat in the home room because helpers aren't and can't be active enough to ensure near 24/7 presence.
We have seen it often enough in the past: if there's nobody to keep an eye on what's going on, problems come very quickly.

YNWA didn't brough it very well, but there's also still the question of duality between channels and free tables.
If channels were there, what would be the usefulness of free tables then ?

Последнее изменение Aminiel, 28.09.2019 16:04:17

28. Nikola,

Appreciate your point of view. Moderation is a topic we can debate about for days, but one solution coming to my mind, yes perhaps it is slightly strict, but what about allowing somebody to create a channel only if they have been an user for at least 6 months? I feel like that's a long enough time to catch people with multiple accounts or constant trouble makers, the only thing I am not sure about is whether you should allow them to join a channel. If nothing, you can treat them the same way as free tables. Somebody can create a free table with an abusive topic as well, and if it is reported by someone it is then treated accordingly. About the difference with channels and free tables, I view them as quite different. On free tables, random people can join provided your privacy settings allow that, you can propose streams and in general meet new people. I view channels more as something you advertise to a certain group of people, and you all can chat as long as you are online, regardless if you are playing a game or are on another table completely. As you said, you can be in multiple channels at the same time, so I view them very similarly to Skype groups.

29. majoz,

Hey guys, I think this is a wonderful idea by myself, and I would also like to agree with Nikola. Moderation is one thing, and it's going to be a question for hours and hours spent behind the keyboard. Anyway, I think that channels can be there as something similar to, as Nikola said, whatsapp or skype groups. What about making the channels come in like the following? You aren't able to get into a channel, if a channel admin (or admins) don't send out an invitation to you. If this occurs, you are going to have a possibility to accept or reject such invitation. If an user keeps abusing the channel, they can get kicked or even banned from it, similar to free tables where the spammers are not wanted. More advancet, you could be given a chance to view currently existing channels, and they could be divided into private and public channels, which would also modify their join/invitation model accordingly. I am truly up for this feature getting in in the next version. Thanks for all the ideas of everybody.

30. helleon,

In some sense, we already have a Playroom group chat system with the inbox conversations thing, the amount of people you can message would just need to be expanded.

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